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  1. The limit is 511, because of the old hardware installed in the 747-400's FMC. And, you won't need the ETOPS circles because it doesn't apply to B744 until now (though it applies to B748).
  2. When I fly the -400, I used the OPT APP for takeoff performance calculation. There's some differences between the N1 calculated on OPT and PMDG almost all the time with the same assumed temperature. I have reported to PMDG with this issue but with no positive answers until now. They just keep telling me that they're using the manual from Boeing, but my OPT program is used in real world operations. Hope PMDG can find the reason why there are differences between the real world data and what they build. Chi-cheng Liu .
  3. The taxi lights and Runway turn-off lights only work when aircraft is in GND MODE. PMDG did a great job on this since it’s a true feature on real 747s. Hope this answers your problem. Chi-cheng Liu
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