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    Boeing 757, flying, Boeing 787, DC-3. I am a software engineer for HP, so I should say Software is an interest of mine, shouldn't I?

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    I like to fly my Boeing 757-200
  1. tra757

    Three Day Flight

    So I bought the 777 for P3D and loaded it up, then strapped in and took off from KPAE, turning left to 085 I flew for three days straight. On the third day I was over Central China and while doing a mid-air refueling, things went south. Three days. Nonstop, at FL250 at .72M. Three days. Twenty four hours times three. Thats darn pretty good I think. Thanks PMDG, you did a great job, as usual. Tim
  2. I left FSX behind at about 500' AGL on my first P3D flight and I haven't looked back. Sure my aircraft choices have been a bit limited and the PMDG aircraft have been sorely missed, but I knew it was just a matter of time as FSX will not live forever. The fidelity of PMDG will add a wonderful depth to P3D and I can't wait to slap down my money for anything PMDG puts out. Tim
  3. I have always felt that Friday evening GMT is the preferred time to release new software. Not so great for tech support but a great time for the user. Just saying. Tim QW C32A
  4. I can hardly wait for any aircraft from PMDG for my P3D v2.2 and I am really looking forward to anything. Sad though, that the B757 has fallen so far out of favor with most aircraft developers. One of the highlights of my life was jumping into my Fly! II and soaring around in my PMDG B757. Sure I will fly a 737NGx or a 777 but my heart belongs to the 757.