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  1. How does any of that negate what I wrote? If the code the aircraft are written in can't communicate with the outside, they'll have to do the EFB in a different language and find a way for the two to pass data back and forth. That challenge wouldn't exist if aircraft and EFB were in the same language that can communicate with the outside, but that would only be the case if they rewrote their aircraft because C++/WASM is restricted from doing so. Feel free to correct me. Also, consider for a moment that not everybody is a software dev and there's a ton of people, including actual devs, saying all kinds of different things. Don't antagonize someone saying something slightly in favor of PMDG as "contorting themselves to construe an excuse" as if it's common knowledge that a piece of software apparently supports multi language modules.
  2. Pretty simple. They have a code base for their aircraft in one coding language and it makes zero sense to rewrite all of that in a different language for all four (five) aircraft just because there is no way for an EFB in that language to communicate with external processes. Hence the need to work around that with the EFB which is a miniscule task compared to rewriting all the aircraft. And you can be sure that if they had went that way, all the people now complaining non-stop about the EFB delay would be complaining non-stop about how they have to wait for them to rewrite their aircraft and how they should just have delayed the EFB instead of the aircraft.
  3. I'd like to think the avionics update is more attractive than a plastic robot. 😶
  4. I'm just going to assume you've been to KORD or KEWR. While the route on FlightAware etc. typically only shows the first enroute fix, you would still be cleared via and fly a SID like O'Hare 5 or Liberty 4, right?
  5. What do you mean? They recently changed the behavior of setting/releasing the parking brake to match the real thing. Did this change back to just clicking on the handle with this update (not how it works in the real 737)?!
  6. I'm guessing what plays a role is that the huge influx of new people buying stuff has worn off and addon sales have settled on a long term oriented level, which may explain why some of the prices are going up again. Lower prices may not return the revenue they did with a larger sales volume before and devs may be trying to keep that revenue level by making up for the lower sales volume with higher prices. The flip side is that higher prices will reduce the number of customers willing to pay for non-essential goods at the same time. Or some devs may have noticed they're making a killing even with higher prices as enough people still buy stuff with the revenue from increased prices surpassing the loss from a slightly lower sales volume. Or some devs just don't have a clue and diminish their own revenue potential by charging too much.
  7. PMDG aren't even willing to partner with FSDT for GSX integration into their aircraft. Something tells me it's out of the question they would partner up with another developer to develop an entire aircraft. It's a customer option on the real 737 NG and PMDG included this in their 737 NG.
  8. Their 737 has IAN, too. Is that different from that in a 747-8?
  9. Anything on whether they are in talks with Qualitywings? Or is that misinformation I've come across?
  10. 250W? You running a potato? 😄 Most GPUs alone use more than that at decent (=MSFS) load.
  11. June? Oof. Bought a couple Central American airports to fly some of United's ops out of Houston to these countries. Guess it's gonna be a while...
  12. KIAH and PHNL are both in development by FSDT. The last dev post on their forum I saw said KIAH was almost finished but that they couldn't find the time to do the last bits as GSX was taking up the resources (post was beginning of December 22). PHNL is about halfway done but subject to the same bottleneck. I understand GSX has priority but at this point it's been out for months. Would be nice for the people interested in other stuff if GSX didn't completely halt development on the airports for half a year+.
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