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  1. Just sorted things out with the Saitex. If you program correctly works-flies correctly.
  2. Just tried mine in FS2020 and Marco was correct about recognition. I set it up but at least on first try could not control a C-172 on takeoff. I checked the calibration and was Ok. While calibration sprung back to neutral normally on all axis, the C-172 flight controls did not for some reason when watching the control from an external view. Just a first go at it, but I have been flying FS for decades and this is a first.
  3. You guys are on to it now. I was reading that 21,000 aircraft altitude should be 6,500 cabin altitude. The controller should read these numbers opposite each other, but they are way off. Until a fix, I would recommend using Ken's chart above and setting the Cabin Altitude on the controller using the 5 PSI line to 1000' above the altitude you will be flying. Jim
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