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  1. mij

    Tutorial #1

    Wouldn't have thought we were the only ones with this problem, hopefully someone will have the answer. Meantime im going to do a reinstall of DC-6. I will let you know if this solve it. Cheers
  2. Hi guys, I just bought the DC-6 and am just starting to follow the 1st tutorial. Can someone point me in the right direction to find where the Tutorial #1 Flightplan is saved to. I followed the instructions via menu/flight planner but am unable to find the flightplan anywhere. Are they installed in a specific file? looked everywhere but no luck. Many thanks
  3. Active Sky Next is what you need for the weather, theres nothing better on the market, also get 'Rex Textures direct' for the textures. Together they are amazing.
  4. Hi Brian, Whats probably happening is your point of view from the pilots seat is positioned so that it is at the same place as your seat headrest. All you need to do is to zoom into the overhead panel a little so your view moves away from the headrest. Onward & Upwards!! Jim Tierney
  5. nothing!!!!

  6. hugs problem

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