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  1. For the push back tug, I would recommend the freeware plugin Better Pushback. It allows you to preselect the pushback path exactly where you want and it will automatically take over.
  2. Yes @ryanbatcund. Running anything at max ram/vram is going to cause problems. When panning around, your loading in new textures and since your available ram is gone, it has to be switched in. Keep in mind 7.5 of 8 gb should be considered full. There are reserved spots in the memory that cannot be accessed. Also, it may request a memory block larger than any space available.
  3. video performance xplane 11

    Ok yeah I guess it's a limitation of xplane then. I have the 4770k over clocked to 4.4 ghz with 16 gb of ram and gtx 1080. I am definitely cpu limited. Btw moving from gtx 450 to a 1060 is not just a x50 series to x60 @kneighbour. It's a 4 generation leap which means it's about 3x more powerful and energy efficient. The gtx 1060 is a good choice for 1080p gaming @anitelite
  4. video performance xplane 11

    Right now with current hardware xplane might be more cpu bound? What cpu and speed are you using? Are you using any kinda HD mesh or is it default xplane scenery? There is a 100 different factors that can affect performance.
  5. 144hz 2k w/Gsync Monitor - Performance ?

    I probably have the same(Asus swift) or similar monitor and same video card. Those are pretty close to my settings. As long as you keep the sim above the gsync minimum and it looks smooth then you are good to go right? The only thing I can't stand is judder and aliasing and that's whats important to me so that's how I tune.
  6. This is a ridiculous topic Btw. Chances are this won't affect home users as much as data centers. Your computer is not going to come to a screeching halt and this isn't y2k.
  7. You have absolutely no formal training in computers do you?
  8. PMDG Site A Mess?

    Nevermind, it appears lastpass does not work well with your site. Figured it out. Brian Pearce
  9. REX Sky Force Very First look

    I don't understand what everyone is complaining about. I have all the Sims, weather add-ons including As16, and constantly looking for the best visuals with Smooth performance. Yesterday when I loaded sf3d and used their settings with pta, and their first default set of textures I was amazed. The clouds and haze look better than any other sim I can think of. The sky looked beautiful and colors from pta preset spot on. My p3d sim has never run so solid and smooth! I had a chilling realism last night and I think everyone is unfairly judging or may not have set it up correctly because I see a big big difference.
  10. Oh yeah there are trackir limits. X camera is a fantastic addon. Definitely should register and donate to the owner if it works out.
  11. REX Skyforce 3D Released

    They released a very nice 85 page manual a couple days ago =P
  12. What do you mean by limit head movements exactly? I currently use TIR and x camera maybe I can help.
  13. I kinda agree with the registering of the product. But first, I wish people would stop talking about vas. No where else in computer science do you see this term used on a daily basis. Now with p3d v4 64 bit there is no need to talk about this. I'm sorry if you don't have version 4, but EVERYTHING is transitiontioning to 64 bit so sooner or later you will be left behind. Regarding the 5ghz, you obviously did not read the manual as this increases fps as it handles cloud sprites differently. And this isn't communism.
  14. PC Improvements

    Your main hardware is up to date. The only thing that you Need to upgrade is that video card. Gtx 1070 0r 1080. If you got the cash buy 1080ti. This is where you will have the greatest benefit especially with 8+gb of vram
  15. X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    Yes. But Ben said it may or may not make it in the first beta. It should be in 11.10 though and yes they are shooting for 60 fps and smooth frames.