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  1. So, back on topic. How is everyone enjoying their 11.50? 🤔 Im thinking June we should have an update on its release.
  2. Their code probably exploded, we are more than 2 months past their initial beta release window. I hope no one was holding their breath. And I know Vulkan will not bring major changes to the platform, however for years I have suffered from the occasional stutter and un-smooth game play which is completely distracting. I am tired of having my hardware sitting at 40% utilization and running like garbage so for me, Vulkan is important for hardware optimization reasons. @Colonel X
  3. Dear X-Plane, update please? We were told for months and months "end of 2019". We are in February and you still have not addressed the community. I am fully aware how software development works (Computer Scientist), but that doesn't mean you cant at least give the community a status or projected timelines. Thank you.
  4. Thanks Ryan. I am thinking about starting an RV-10 build and was hoping for one of these to come out for X-Plane :). My wishes came true.
  5. A month into the new year and still no word on when we might get access to the beta?
  6. According to the interview with FSelite with the Flight Simulator devs, they have already confirmed that they have contacted 60+ developers and will be providing the necessary tools for the addons to work. Everyone here is also delusional if they do not think that the entire community will shift over to MSFS 2020. Why would you stick with a platform that is aged and has reach most of its limitations (referring to Xplane and P3d). Sure you can say X-plane will EVENTUALLY support vulkan, great. That still does not provide volumetric clouds, a vastly improved lighting engine, or global satellite scenery. As a software developer and someone who has been actively following the development and policies from Microsoft's Xbox platform, which btw will include MSFS 2020 I do not see Microsoft abandoning this project at all. It is a first party title, and all of Microsoft's current first party titles are included with their Xbox Game Pass, which is their main focus moving forward. They are very actively buying studios to grow this content and MSFS will be one of their crown jewels. On a side note, i think consumers would be wise to save their money and wait to find out more about what is to come. I, personally have spent close to $4000 in flight sim addons and could easily live for a couple months without spending more money on legacy platforms.
  7. It would be hard to describe the difference. But the effect will actually be neat. Skymax has to use textures to create clouds. You don't actually fly through them but around them. The noise based rendering is more like particles and you fly into them. Volumetric just means three dimensional. Xenviro is completely different from traditional flight simulator tricks. Just saying...
  8. I bought this too hoping to add some excitement to my flight simming experience. However, I have completely wiped P3D from my system and tired of switching back and forth. Today I will looking into Simbit worlds - A pilots Life. I think this was more what I was looking for anyway.
  9. An external ssd would be fine for this use case. Make sure it has a USB 3.0 or 3.1 connection. I would stick with the Samsung's they tend to have the best performance and reliability.
  10. Purchased late last night and only flew for a few minutes. Flying through the air in the c172 felt more natural. Noticed the turbelance model. So far so good definitely worth it over xplane default. Can't wait till the product expands well done guys. Welcome to x-plane.
  11. I own it for p3d and it is absolutely perfect. But Xplane is becoming more and more my default sim and this is one of the addons i miss the most.
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