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  1. bgpearce01

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Hahah, i like the reasoning.
  2. bgpearce01

    Testing Approximately All of the Things

    We need an update from RR regarding the -8 and the GFO. More information please....:)
  3. bgpearce01

    POSCON online flying

    I went to Matt's channel, the $50,000 they are offering vatsim is for the stats of the current users on Vatsim. I guess its a way of allowing people to leave the vatsim network and still keep all of their stats.
  4. bgpearce01

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    This would be nice, especially at the price point. But still buying the -8 when it comes out and my refresh button is hurting right now.
  5. bgpearce01

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    Ok so its a compatibility update and they didnt really do anything. Ill pass, they should consider a new software development team....
  6. Hey Carl, How has the overall stability and function been? Is this bird ready to fly?
  7. Will all airport taxiways be available or is this something that we need to manually add/create to the aircraft for it to work?
  8. bgpearce01

    An Affinity Mask for an i97000x

    I too find running no Hyperthreading was the best way to achieve smoothness. I would stop worrying about afinity masks...
  9. I think the cargo version included made the sale for me. I dont ever fly cargo but I think now is a good time to start.
  10. bgpearce01

    Shop and Support down?

    did you read the post at this very top of this forum about unscheduled maintenance?
  11. Why waste the money on this (triplehead2go)? Current video cards have output and support 4 montiors.
  12. bgpearce01

    Why am I getting poor performance with 4 graphics cards?

    I think p3d added sli support last year?
  13. bgpearce01

    Why am I getting poor performance with 4 graphics cards?

    I have yet to see a mainstream motherboard use 3 X 16 pci lanes(at the same time). Once you go past two you will need to cut them down to 8. The architecture itself is limited to 64 lanes and you need to keep some open for data i/0 etc. Regardless this is hardly a bottleneck in this situation. You could probably pull a card and see the same if not better performance using 2. Regarding using 3 or 4 video cards. Starting with the pascal series cards (1070, 1080 etc), nvidia is restricting the use of more than 2 cards in sli. The return and complexity of drivers after 2 cards is just not worth it. I wanted to mention this incase anyone was thinking of adding a third or fourth card. It would be a total waste of money and even if it did work in P3D, it wont in anything else such as games. If you are running older 9 series of even 7 series nvidia cards, sure you could theoretically run 3 or 4. But 2X gtx 1080 ti's will beat ANY 3 or 4 card variations. Not to mention vram is not pooled so as you decrease the vram you will start to see stutters.
  14. bgpearce01

    Why am I getting poor performance with 4 graphics cards?

    Anything passed two cards in SLI is no longer supported with Nvidia. You could use 2X1080 in sli but will still be limited by the 8gb vram. If i were you and wanted the best, sell those cards and upgrade to the 1080 ti with 11 gb of vram or wait a month for the new Nvidia cards to be annouced.