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  1. Hello guys and many thanks for creating A32NX modules. Is there any chance to work on it for compatibility with Dev Mode of FBW32NX. When I am starting Dev Mode of 320NX doesn't work my MCP/Switch channel/Linda...nothing Thank you in advance
  2. One more time, thank you for your time to answer and also for offering to help. I managed to fix it by deleteing fsuipc.ini and "restarting" everything from scratch. I suppose the "problem" was that I used FSUIPC with FP2(VR Insight Default Program) and the .ini didn't let LINDA to reconfigure everything at should do. Thank you so much one more time and if the problem will be back I'll let you know. Best Regards Marius L.
  3. Hello Scot and thanks for your time to help. I will. Please let me know which email address should I send to?
  4. Hello guys and many many thanks for such a great job you all did it with Linda. I used in all P3D versions and I had no problems. Today I am using MSFS2020 and I don't manage to use Linda since last 3 or 4 uppdates of the LINDA msfs2020 version. Everytime I start Linda, it takes few seconds until the new "value" is sent to my pc. For example if I am adjusting the altitude, when I rotate on my MCP(1) the altitude button from 5000ft to 5500ft, I first get 5100ft then stuck for 1-3 seconds then goes up to 5500ft but if I do that normaly I get some others values...Same with ATH or FD button, sometimes doesn't show that it reacts sometimes it goes. Any ideea if I have an issue which I can not find? FSUIPC is ok, I mean if I use MCP(1 VrInsigt)with SerialFP2 it works(no delay). I am using Linda with MCP1 VrInSight, Saitek SwitchPanel, MSFS2020 with FSUIPC 7.0.5 Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello. Problem solved: I made a very big mistake...I used a old mtl installer not the new one from ivao. Now it works. Thanks 🙂
  6. Hello guys, For the first time I can not see traffic in IVAO. I installed pilotUI and everything ok. The started mtl installer and choosed root folder av p3d v5. Downloaded 100% but nothung more. No real install and no MTL folder in SimObjects. Tried many times and absolutley runned in admin mode. I added lines in simobjects.cfg too. I tried to install ivac2 too and run mtl install from there, it tooked 3 hours to download all mtls but same problem, acctually I had mtl folder in SimObjects but when I connected I could see just a litle part of an aircraft...started mtl installer again(the new one) and renamed the ivao_mtl in ivao_mtl3 but the same, downloaded but not installed and not indexed. Anyone with any ideea, what I am doung wrong or missed?!
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