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  1. Hello. Problem solved: I made a very big mistake...I used a old mtl installer not the new one from ivao. Now it works. Thanks 🙂
  2. Hello guys, For the first time I can not see traffic in IVAO. I installed pilotUI and everything ok. The started mtl installer and choosed root folder av p3d v5. Downloaded 100% but nothung more. No real install and no MTL folder in SimObjects. Tried many times and absolutley runned in admin mode. I added lines in simobjects.cfg too. I tried to install ivac2 too and run mtl install from there, it tooked 3 hours to download all mtls but same problem, acctually I had mtl folder in SimObjects but when I connected I could see just a litle part of an aircraft...started mtl installer again(the new one) and renamed the ivao_mtl in ivao_mtl3 but the same, downloaded but not installed and not indexed. Anyone with any ideea, what I am doung wrong or missed?!
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