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  1. Way better 🙂 I can vouch for that 🙂
  2. Not to mention that in your scenario the Porsche is way cheaper than a modified Honda 🙂
  3. Got the same screen, Samsung CRG9. Love it, I might reinstall P3D just to see what to expect in MSF 🙂
  4. And all that without taking piracy into consideration. I would reduce the conversion rate even further in order to take into account piracy. What PMDG/other devs could do to mitigate that is to offer the product at a reasonable price in order so that piracy would not be attractive anymore. So far we're not there yet. I payed for FS Passengers 30 EUR (a fair price would have been 10 EUR the most), the developer (a single person) is missing for quite a while, the product not updated to work with the latest P3D. Do I feel cheated? Yes, I do. Would I buy again from him or would I use pirated versions? I would certainly not buy from him again. So you can imagine, someone like me would not ever be moved by the support developers rhetoric, especially with the inflated add on prices. At 140 EUR/plane they will be pirated a lot. At 60 or less, a lot more people would buy and have a safer and a easier experience with their products. I am in the crowd that hopes MS will step in and regulate this market. It's not fair to take advantage of their platform to sell products that are 2x more expensive than the base sim (assuming the FS price will be 60 EUR per license). MS could simply just take a x% out of every sale (Steam model) and (x+50)/sale for addons that are over 60 EUR/license. Since most users will eventualy shift to MSFS 2020 the demand will be there so developers will eventually want a share of it.
  5. My opinion is that airports addon will come in packs (like German Airports for FSX). SInce the difference will not be so huge as that with defaults from FSX/P3D most consumers will not be bothered to buy single airports since the default will look pretty nice. In the default airport case, I am only curious what will happen when you are parked at the gate and whether or not looking out the cockpit window we would see a blurry mess or high res texture of the terminal.
  6. I would wait for game release and see what I need in order to get max performance. Since that moment is a bit further from now, I'd wait.
  7. Actually #1 is a must for MS if they are to stream texture and what else from Azure. Or at least capture external data from 3rd party Flight Planner (but if I was a manager in MS I wouldn't accept that for the world).
  8. 1. ATC with voice recognition (Alexa or Siri type); 2. Major VR platforms support (Oculus, Vivre, etc). Major VR controllers support. 3. Addon management similar to the one Steam has for its games. Full compatibility and automated install and updates. 4. Max addon price to 30 EUR. No 100 EUR addon should be allowed. PMDG either adapt or disappears. They milked this community for far too long. 5. SID, STAR, flight planner. Btw, based on the filed flight plan the texture for that specific area can be preloaded in the FS. 6. Mission development tool. 7. Career mode with goals and aircraft certification progress.
  9. Happy Anniversary Mihai Eu!

  10. Happy Anniversary Mihai Eu!

  11. Mi se pare mie sau statistic Paula Iacob trebuia sa fie deja moarta? Ca vad ca s-a reactivat de vreo 2 luni si are opinii. Stiu, ca si in cazul lui Ilici, wishful thinking...

  12. Paradoxul anului, daca vrei sa fii rebel, sustii puterea!

  13. Pentru a fi furati in spitale ca si pana acum, pentru a da spaga medicilor si asistentelor ca sa isi faca treaba, pentru achizitii de echipamente medicale inutile care zac nefolosite, pentru ambulante cumparate pe firmele prietenilor, pentru retete pline cu medicamente recomandate de importatori si distribuitori, sustineti campania "Lasati lucrurile asa cum sunt, legea actuala e mai buna" a Trustului Intact si a Familiei Voiculescu!

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