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  1. Excellent! I'll hold out then since 2.5 requires a fresh install. Don't want to go through installing and setting up twice. Looking forward to P3D 2.5! Cheers, Aaron
  2. Thanks for the additional info guys, I have ORBX Aus, Nz and a bunch of payware planes and just had a read in the p3d forums over at ORBX. Looks like I'll have to wait for a new set of libs due to the new structuring before moving to 2.5 just like J van E mentioned. Tempted to just buy the academic at 2.4 now and not wait for 2.5 lol. Rob, just curious but can we expect 2.5 soon as in this month soon? Thanks
  3. Thanks so much for the confirmation guys, much appreciated. I'll wait for 2.5 to be released then, can't wait to test P3D out! Hope my PC can cope with it. Exciting times ahead Cheers, Aaron
  4. Hey guys, Been away from FSX for almost 12 months now and looking to getting back into it but this time with P3D. Been doing a lot of reading over the past few days and just wanted to check if the upcoming P3D v2.5 will require a full re-install? I have just formatted my FSX HDD and don't really want to go through it again if I purchase V2.4 now and a complete re-install is required when V2.5 gets released, which by the sound of things is fairly soon. Thanks in advance guys and looking forward to trying P3D out Cheers, Aaron
  5. Thank you for these great textures Gabriel, your sky textures are amazing and I downloaded this immediately after I saw your new mod and it's awesome I'd buy you a beer if you were in my neck of the woods, great job as always mate :good: Aaron
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