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  1. Hi Guys, I really appreciate all the input, looks like I have some reading to do as well. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but shouldn't advisory vertical guidance mean the GS needle should move ? otherwise how is it guiding the vertical part of the procedure ? Thanks and Regards Simon
  2. Hi downscc That all makes perfect sense about the sperry, but doesn't vertical guidance mean the GS needle on the CDI should be moving ? Best Regards, Simon Grant
  3. Hi Guys, Has anyone flown an L/VNAV approach with the Flight1 GTN650 and had the CDI GS needle work ?. I've tried many times and always had a red flag. (ILS works fine) Strangely, if the autopilot is setup the aircraft pitches down at the correct fix and can fly the approach but just no needle movement. Anyone have the same experience ? One of the approaches I have been trying is ENHD RNAV 14 GPS LNAV/VNAV Best Regards Simon Grant
  4. Hi metalrockerlion, Coincidently I had the exact same message the other day. I was uninstalling and reinstalling the 777 and as part of the uninstall deleted the PMDG folder from the route FSX directory while totally forgetting this also holds files for the 737. A repair of the 737 through the >control panel > programs >uninstall a program sorted me out. Maybe not the same circumstances as yourself but I though I would mention it. Regards Simon Grant
  5. Even more far fetched, extract them again :-). Either way as another poster has suggested, its not a big deal. Its just kind of fulfilling to end a flight shut the aircraft down, put the cat out, shut the door and put the stairs away.
  6. davierosoft, I sort of remember a previous post but couldnt locate it last night. It does sound like it could be an FSX thing as the airstairs extend easily enough with a power cart attached, they just wont go back in after shut down. Thanks for the replies
  7. Hello Captains, Does anyone know how to retract the airstairs after shutdown and the doors been closed. Even after I've added the ground power cart I can't get it to work unless the ground power is switched on within the aircraft. All seems a bit wrong to me. Any suggestions ? Simon
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