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  1. I am having success programming the flight plan into the FMS, the waypoints display and change color as I pass over them, etc. But ATC is using the flight plan that is in FSX, not the FMS. Do I have to also manually create another flight plan in FSX in order to have ATC give the proper directions?
  2. As soon as the demo expired, I went to get registered. I just need the registration since I already have it installed, so I went to the voxatc site and noticed they only take paypal. So I resurrected an old paypal account and was just about to pull the trigger when I realized I didn't know how the registration process worked. See, my wife is out of town and I'm looking for instant gratification. Is it true the process is not automated, and I could pay top dollar for it and then not be able to use it right away, while I wait for the key? Steve
  3. Oh, yes, that was her! Thank you very much, Roland.
  4. I decided to ignore my previous issue and only map the push to talk to the stick. So one last thing. I only fly the duke turbine 2 and twin otter extended. VoxATC works as advertised in the duke, but in the Twotter it will not recognize when I tune the comm radio (voxatc will sit forever waiting for me to tune). In FO mode it works, but that's it. I did send an email via the contact page, but in the mean time, any clue what that could be?
  5. Thanks for the tip. I hate to bother the guy if it's on my end, but if I can't get it before the demo runs out, I'll email him. I have to grin @ "cancel" but no, I'm hitting "OK". Now that I've made this post, I may just ignore the issue altogether and use the keyboard for voxatc. It sure would be nice to get "press for mic" though on the stick. I'll post again if I figure it out.
  6. I like flight sims

  7. Hi guys, I'm on day 2 of the voxatc demo and I like it a lot. But the "Joystick and Keyboard Setup" utility is broken for me. It doesn't save the settings, i.e. I assign press to talk and other items to my CH Fighterstick, the statuses change when I press or release, everything looks good, tell it OK. I go start a flight and the assignments I gave do not work. I go back into the joystick setup, and sure enough, it forgot what I had just set up. Even if I don't start a flight. It just can't remember! Over and over. Am I the only one? Prepar3d 2.5. Any clues?
  8. I joined the forum. Why can't I post?

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