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  1. I am new to LINDA. I followed a video on how to install LINDA and SPAD. Everything is checked as ok but my flight yoke stopped responding after I installed LINDA. I also have fsuipc (registered). My keyboard also lost the fsx shortcuts for the hot keys used in fsx. I have version 1.13. My radio panel seems to work but my saitek joystick no longer functions. I also tried to assign button presses but they do not show up. Please help. I have win10, 64bit.
  2. Flyin Ace

    SPAD drivers

    Gregg- My switch panel is working well with LINDA. EZCA works great, also. One question- My MCP com port cannot be found. Any idea what this is for, and how do I find the com port number? Thanks for your help.
  3. Flyin Ace

    SPAD drivers

    Thanks Gregg for the suggestion. I'm not very techy. The saitek drivers conflict with my EZCA. Is there a LINDA FOR DUMMIES? What do I need to do to make my switch panel work? Any videos? It seems like I would have to reprogram my flight yoke, throttles, and switch panel, using LINDA. A lot of work. Doesn't anyone just make plug and play anymore? :huh:
  4. Flyin Ace

    SPAD drivers

    I have the Saitek switch Panel along with SPAD and FSUIPC. I deleted the saitek drivers for the switch panel. When I click any switch on my switch panel in the A2a cessna 172, I get a runtime 6 overflow error. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I have fsx and win7. I'm not very happy with SPAD. :(
  5. Flyin Ace

    DBS Airport GPS

    Has anyone used this (DBS airport gps -FSX along with ezdok? I can't get both programs to load into fsx at the same time. It seems there is a conflict with these 2 programs. I uninstalled DBS airport gps and now ezdok loads just fine. I contacted DBS support but he never heard of anyone having issues with ezdok and DBS. I see that the last post was 2 yrs ago. Not sure if there is another forum for this issue. How can I get BOTH of these programs to load in fsx?