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  1. Since we talking about this :) why can't I see the terrain on the first officer ND? Only on the captain ND even though I press on both. Second question; could the ngx ever alert me on windshear?ThanksWilson
  2. Oh and one more thing! I have my doubts that they are upgrading the 747 although in a way it makes perfect sense! But I strongly believe that there next supermassive project could be the 747 for the next Microsoft flight! Since 737 was there biggest project for fsx, now it's time for a massive 747 (since it sold so well on fsx and fs9) to take place on a much better flight simulator, the plane is massive already, very complex and sophisticated, so they need a 'perfect' version ( yes I mainly mean 64bit lol) of fsx to develop the queen of the skies! Makes sense? But again, I could be wrong.Wilson
  3. Okay gents, I rarely reply! But I thought I should reply to this to to make things clear here. Now I'm not part of the team but I have been for quite sometime and follow loads of topics etc ... So we can have an idea what they could be building IF it is an aircraft! Let's point out the facts!FACT: it will NOT be an airbus. Why? They correctly have the right to access Boeing stuff and Boeing has given them authority to use there LOGO on there website and installer! 'Boeing approved' so why would they develop an Airbus if It's Boeing's biggest rival? However, it doesnt mean that PMDG will only stick to Boeing only, but airbus is out of the way! And the way PMDG develops it's products now, they have to get 'Airbus approved' to gain legal access to there aircraft in order for PMDG to develop a 'PMDG complex addon style' .. So after the ngx, they will not go 'below' that. - oh and one more thing (just in case your still not conviced) PMDG is soon to develop the 777 and most likely upgrade the 747 and definitely in the future develop the 787 (I think the hint lies on there 747 cargo where it carries 787 parts), so therefore, using the 3 year of the development of the 737ng, they will use the current parts (since Boeing is all quite similar) to add on there new add ons .. So it's less work for them, more time to think on new techniques to put complex stuff on an addon. Airbus is literally starting from scratch! And like I said, they have to establish a friendship with airbus in order to be done 'PMDG way' makes sense? FACT: this secret aircraft (if they are makin an aircraft), will not be old, as in; no 737 classic or 727 or 707 etc .. Why? PMDG has always developed kinda new type of aircraft, with glass cockpit.Theory: I got my money on this; CRJ! I doubt PMDG will develop a big aircraft! Because it's just 'too big' (the plane) to be hidden in such short notice, okay fair enough they could of been doing with the ngx, but this secret aircraft would of been a part time job as full time job was 737ngx! Makes sense being a regional aircraft? Look at the pattern; MD11 --- J41 --- NGX .. Big project, small project (as well as using to test new technology on the small one for the big one; ngx uses the texture style the same of J41 etc) .. So now; small X project then 777 ... Right?Conclusion: I could be completely wrong, or right. Whatever! As long as it's PMDG doing whatever they are doing; it's automatically cool and the best! But! If u think it makes sense what I said then let's start thinking of small sophisticated aircraft that they could be digitaly building!Wilson
  4. Hello everyone and PMDG team I am new here I have been reading this forum for sometime and now I think I should join the party as we are getting closer to the release !I would first like to thank you PMDG for developing and putting so much effort, detail and time on my (and others) favourite aircraft; Boeing 737NG.The truth is, with so much detail and complexity that you are adding into this aircraft, realistically (if you compare with adobe products, autodesk products etc etc) this product should technically be worth at least $2,500 and by being so close to realism (and BOEING APPROVED!) it should technically be used only for pilots who are taking that type rating. Yet, that is not the case at all. This surprises me and im so glad it is not the case. (Maybe PMDG does secretly work with airlines and provides this add-on software to there pilots) doesn’t matter anyway, as PMDG is providing to us FS enthusiasts such products with very good prices and amazing complexity.(Please bare in mind that I am not bringing the topic of prices, I’m just suggesting on how much this product is worth in the market nowadays compared to other software companies)Now I have two questions:1- how complex is this add-on compared to the real thing? in a scale 1-10? in other words: If i was to fully learn everything about this aircraft, instruments and its procedures could I make a successful flight? Yes i know i would have to know how to fly the plane in the first place, lets assume i got that skill :( (sorry i don’t know exactly how to word this example)2- Could you recommend a pilot who is currently taking a type rating for this aircraft to use your flight simulator add-on? In other words: can this product ever be airline approved for teaching there pilots?Thank you in advance for your replies. And again thank you so much for developing such an aircraft. My only concern is when I have this aircraft in my possession, I will think I will be flying a glass plane, any mistake and it brakes!:( Wilson Goncalves
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