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  1. Hi guys! Sorry that i have to say this but.. And this is meant in a very good way no trolling or nothing! So please do not mistake it to be so! And for the admins, if you find this to anything like I will be more than happy to delete the message. :) As much as it sucks that these things happens they do. It doesn't matter if it's payware or freeware. I believe that this is, of course, a hickup and not meant to happen. So guys I have a request for you to do, is to take a chill-pill, open the window feel the fresh air (okay living in the city perhaps less fresh air but still), also feel the sun in your face or look at the moon and stars, or rain, or snow - depends on your ICAO location. :) Go outside, go for a walk a run or do something, in a few hours I believe with my whole heart, that you will feel better and ready to see that your computer still stands by your desk and that the problem has been fixed - because they will do anything to fix the issue. ;) Again this is NOT meant in any way negative just a reminder that life goes on! :) Cheers! Kindest regards Jakob
  2. Hey Keven! So I am also one with keyboard issues, I experience to a disconnect and my keyboard don't respond. I can reconnect the USB and then it works, then a few minutes later it does the same. Some times this also happens out the blue even when not playing with P3D/Chaseplane. But in general I exerience this every few minutes, some times even longer between the "seizures". extra note: My HDD drive nuked it self 7 days ago, so I am on a new SSD and still experience this issue. I have: - (A cheap) Arrogant ###### Tornado - keyboard (and yest that is unfortunately the name hehe). - Windows 7 Pro (64bit) Version 6.1 (build 7601:SP1) - Microsoft .net Framework 4.6.2 - Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0.23026 I dont know, since I run 64bit, if I also should try out your question number 4. :-) As the rest I really appreciate the help and what you goes do for us! THANKS! Regards Jakob
  3. Ah okay didnt see that Kevin, thanks for the reply. I just wrote this post 11 days before him, but got lost in the mass hehe. I will just reply in there instead! Again thanks for the redirection! :-) Regards Jakob
  4. Hey FSFX guys! Just wondering if you have seen this message, but also to know if there are anyone else besides the two that has answered - that has this problem. And if they found a way to fix it? :-)
  5. Hey guys, first off initial what an amazing product already! Kudos! :smile: :wink: But as the headline states, I get this issue where my keyboard disconnect (connected via USB), when I use ChasePlane - and only when I use ChasePlane. I have experienced it happens on its own from time to time, there can go a few minutes between or longer. Or when I at times press the SHIFT button on the keyboard. It is really a funny and also annoying bug to have hehe. :smile: Just wanted to let you guys know! Have a great evening and weekend! Cheers Jakob
  6. That is indeed brilliant and stunning what you guys are capable to do! ;-) Robert and the rest of the crew at PMDG thanks for the update, hope you all had a great New Years and hope you all will have a great 2016. ;-)
  7. As a 777-holic, I have chosen the ... Yeah you guessed it .. 777. :-) But then I will have to schedule a flight from Copenhagen, Denmark to Virginia to try it out! ;-)
  8. Hi Kevin and the rest of OldProp! :-) First off a huge thanks for those wonderful add'ons you guys have made! :-) I have found a bug, or at least on my computer it is. After an extended trial-run I discovered that having, in PreciptFX, turned Contrails, Vortices, Precipitation Effect on. It would overrule the immersions on both aircrafts. Well now it kind of makes sense since its applied to all of the aircrafts. But I was still wondering, if it should be possible to have all of the settings activated without them obscuring from each other? A huge thanks in advance Jakob
  9. I can't express how sad I am to hear this, I didn't know Maik personal as well. But I know how it is being an avid aviation enthutiast, working as cabin crew and finished commercial pilot training, trying to become something in the real world of aviation - sadly that chance he shall never have. But I wish for him that he can now soar in the skies for all eternity. My upmost heartfelt condolences goes to Maik's family and you his FS2Crew family. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them."
  10. Dear Tom, I can't find the words to describe my sadness hearing about your news. You are one of the keystones in our community in general, and I solute you for what you have done and sacrificed for all of us. I wish all the best and may every day be the best day of your life! All the best wishes for you and your family. Sincerely Jakob Fallesen
  11. Thank you for the update Robert, well I have also just experienced the Sim Rate related issue. I have a question, have any one else experienced this one certain liveries or certain part of the world only? Since, my first experience is right now as I fly from RPLL-OMDB, with a EK livery that I have gotten from Avsim. I'm asking this since, I haven't seen this on the 4 other flights I've done after the SP1 release. Thanks in advance. :-)
  12. First of all Robert glad to see that your surgery went well and you had a speedy and full recovery. And now thank you for the update, looking forward to finally fly one of the most beautiful Jet-planes on earth. :-) (knowing how much you like the DC3 I have a shots I would like to share here to make this even a better day for you on top of all of your work. :-)) Was out flying a flight at EKRK,Roskilde - Denmark, when I saw this birdie (DC3 Friends - I am also a member of that club. :-))
  13. Darren I think you should really take a second and think about what you are writing. Since you come of as a jack*** right now, The reason for they pushing the release date was due to Roberts surgery, and you writing that as they just push it off, really is not cool towards Robert and his recovery and towards the whole team.. If you have nothing to say other than being ######y please take it some where else, not in here. Nothing good comes of that.. And it shows a general lack of respect.. Be nice it's so much easier :) (I'm not here to troll or put anyone down, I would just like to see people think twice before posting, hostile posts, instead of thinking things through.. :))
  14. Ryan, thank you very much for the update. And thankfully it went well, I hope for a speedy recovery. Sending my best wishes and thoughts. :-)
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