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  1. dolf57

    My repaints

    Exellent job jankees! Lots of thanks for your time an patience here!
  2. dolf57

    My repaints

    Really great!
  3. dolf57

    My repaints

    Everything would be fine my friend, I enjoy your Belgian OO- paints allready, lovely's This one is a little more work I guess: Thanks for your reply Dolf
  4. dolf57

    My repaints

    Super stuff here Jankees, but just maybe as a small request, I've been looking around for a G-xxx (UK) version for the B200 but so far... none Is there a possibility? Thanks
  5. dolf57

    VC Panel light

    Well, seems verry nice, I'm interrested too for trying this, Can you send me that one too? Thx