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  1. I have a Saitek X55 and experienced the same exact issue, except that it occurs when I disconnect my controllers (they are both plugged into a USB hub which is connected to one port). Had no issues at all in Windows 8 with this setup. Should I try installed SPAD over my drivers?
  2. If you are familiar with DTG and updates to things that are missing, then you would know that they might not correct the SDK issues. They are notorious for releasing unfinished, buggy products. The advantage of the way FSX is built, compared to their Train Simulator Series, is that you can buy all the DLC you want, and you don't have to invest in any DLC you don't for AI reasons. FSX can do substitution unlike their TS game. They argue the same for their Train Simulator series (buy only what you want), but it's not the same. FSX in one sense has an advantage.
  3. I didn't see any threads about fatals particularly with SP1 and the 77W, so I decided to create a thread. I have had fatal errors occur during both of my 77W flights. On my first 77W from KLAX to RJAA in the ANA livery, at about 4 miles out I got a fatal error. No performance issues or anything else was noticed during the flight. This was about 10 and a half hours after takeoff, no time compression used. I then tried RJAA to KORD (same plane and livery, computer was restarted), about 12-13 hours. Right at the 100 feet GPWS callout, I got another fatal error. This flight though I encountered an repetitive issue with frames randomly dropping for a few seconds (to about 8-9fps and back to 30) and this occurred on about 30 second intervals. I also had issues with the autopilot in LNAV mode sweeping left and right from the flight path on descent. Switching to HDG and then APP had no issues. I'm not sure if this might just be a bad install of SP1 and the 77W, and I plan on reinstalling the plane. I just wanted to see if anyone else had similar issues. If I find these issues to continue, I might then consider filing a ticket. I've never had issues with the 772 on long hauls, so I am hoping this is something I can get fixed.
  4. Yes, but at least with FSX the planes didn't cost extra... You'll pay $20 for a low quality and minimal detail plane with their way, and then another $5 for a different livery
  5. I linked that same article in my post in an edit haha, but that was an interesting time. My review (not trying to advertise it but it is visible here http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198075467929/recommended/24010/) was one of the many. Again, I know there are people who are saying wait and see, and I respect and hope that time does benefit this, but from my, and others experiences and stories, it would take a miracle for that to happen at this rate...
  6. I just want to quote this to make sure others see it, we've been echoing this all through this thread. They don't care about the user, they are all about profits. Like I, Bill, and others have said. Go onto the Train Simulator 2014 Steam store page (http://store.steampowered.com/app/24010/) and please, please read the reviews. Understand how this company works. We can try and email them all we want, they probably will respond with a generic response, and tell us our thoughts have been taken note of, with nothing coming from it. We can't state this enough, this is not the company who should be taking FSX over in the entertainment selling perspective. We won't know how bad this might be until it actually plays out, but I for one anticipate it to end very badly, and I'm sure others familiar with the Railworks/Dovefail Games way already know what to expect. I'm hoping this thread, and our responses, are what could be part of a larger attempt to get them to do it right, but I doubt it... And we can also go into their attempts to silence people who've spoken out against them (http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/12/06/train-simulator-2014-developer-hiding-negative-steam-user-reviews-flagged-as-off-topic/)
  7. I've never cared from him personally. It's a lot of talk and no walk. They don't care about bugs, they want their money, because they aren't entitled to fix anything once it's released. They are smart in what they do, and it's sad. That's why as soon as I saw that come up with FSX, I felt I need to say that they are not warm fuzzy developers and people. Once they have your money, that's it. Steam unfortunately is a terrible place for decent games. They make it easy for anyone to rip people off. And from the products I've bought, I can't agree anymore. QA and support is a disgrace... I know people are saying wait and see, but they show no signs of changing their ways... They got their sheep, and this is just a hope to get some more....
  8. Oh I know, I've invested a bit into the Train Simulator series myself, and am well aware of the DTG business model. I've myself been though those "upgrades" but you must remember that it was mostly a UI overhaul, and the new content as of more recently required a repurchase of the base package, which was cheap during the Steam sales (and I've taken advantage of that). That is not saying though it was great, and the game itself wasn't really fixed. Take the NEC Philly - NYC (not the NH that was recently released). There are still issues with that route particularly. This is a separate community though and I won't lash out against them here. It is a Flight style business model though. Free or cheap base package, with a pay for what you want funding process. In the end, the quality could be potentially better, but the cost is astronomical.
  9. And I mentioned this earlier. Someone could own just FSX and not Gold. Unless they offer the same base package, Acceleration, and then the Gold Edition on the Steam store, the process won't be simple, and either you neglect anyone who doesn't have Gold, or you give them Gold as a free upgrade. If that was the case, then anyone who was smart would go that way. Being Steam though....
  10. I just wanted to ask, I feel I might have missed out on something regarding the activation. Is MS taking down the FSX online and phone activation system? Or is this just a thought that might happen? I mean I can't see why they would need to since a lot of their other products use similar systems, and the phone system was universal from what I recall, but I could be wrong.
  11. Oh that wouldn't surprise me one bit. It will work really well for them if they create and release a new simulator too, lot of customers I'm sure that will take a shot, and with their base prices, they will surely make something out of it... I feel a lot of people need to research into Train Simulator 2014, read the Steam reviews, and get a feeling for how they operate. I also highly doubt our keys will work with Steam unless you own the Gold Edition. Anyone who just owned Vanilla FSX and the expansion pack would be out of luck not having a Gold key. I'm sure they won't make just a base FSX key activate and give you the Steam Gold Edition, that is a free DLC pack (Acceleration)...
  12. I understand your point in all of this, but the way they run things is maximum profit and minimum effort. Now I understand that many companies operate this way, but for this franchise, the guys behind it couldn't care less about the product. Yes, I don't think we will see some of the big 3rd Party developers cut back on content, in fact I think they will gain from this initially. What I have a fear in is that the development here is in the wrong hands, and in the long run, we the simmers are going to lose out the most at least from MS based simulations. In terms of FSX, and it's next version that they plan on developing, that is where the problem I see in this all is. Someone else could develop a fantastic sequel to FSX that is well overdue, but they can't. They already tried this with Train Simulator, which if I recall correctly was based initially off Train Simulator 2 which MS was developing before the closing of the ACES studios. Look at it today. Every year they just release a new UI, call it a new game/updated game, but the engine is the same, with occasionally some added, buggy features, and more advertisements. They cannot, and I repeat this CANNOT fix their own games and released content. That is something that I fear here. They have shown that they want to fix it, and have been apparently fixing content for the last 6 months, but they have gone silent more recently and have not released any real bug fixes or patches that some products desperately need. This company has not really proved their ability in developing a solid, good simulation. The one simulator they do currently sell has many issues as I've said before. Being EA execs doesn't help them either, as they really have no respect towards users, especially users who complain and ask for fixes for issues. Someone has said this before too, they have gone out of their way to silence some of these people. Yes, I understand that the Flight Sim world is the same, but look at FSX. For being 8 years old, it has performed well in my opinion. Remember, it was developed before the graphic and multicore revolution. I'm not worried about content, as much as I am worried about the game itself, and how playable it will be. When FSX came out, it was for me approx. $70, but came with the whole world, and quite a few planes, which then were more then plenty, and appeared at the time more than well detailed. With the potential FSX sequel here though, it could be $60+ get a sliver of the world, and 3 marginally detailed planes, followed with no support or fixes for the issues that will pop up. Advertisements all over the game, a lack of free flight, mission based gameplay, and a lot of other things that make it arcade style, more than an actual simulator. I just know from my experience with them, they really lack any ability to develop an actual simulation, but are great at developing bugs. I hope to be proven wrong, but I doubt I will be. I hope they actually start to reach out to the community at the least, if they actually wanted to develop a good simulator that could compete with XPlane and P3D2, they have to, and they have to develop it right... EDIT: I wanted to include this. Dovetail Games is not a new company, they simply renamed themselves from Railsimulator.com earlier this year, with intentions to broaden their simulation reach. They are developing a fishing simulator too which they recently announced. When you look at their history, you'll understand where I come from.
  13. Being someone who has invested into their Train Simulator Series, I'm worried about the possible results of this. Their Train Simulator series isn't that great, a lot of overpriced content if you ask me, with many bugs and issues upon release. Now FSX is not something that they developed, but they could easily start selling DLC for it with a similar pricing and feature range as their train DLC. They will more than likely do this with the next generation flight sim they develop. It's going to be a MS Flight style game I'm sure, buy scenery and planes... They are old EA executives and they really don't care for the end user. Their support doesn't give you support for example, just a generic response message that doesn't answer your question, and they consider it answered. Unfortunately, I don't see this going well at all. At least there are other options. I could be wrong though, and I hope I am, but from what they have exhibited, the chance of this being stellar, or anything close, is slim to none, and slim just left the room.
  14. Well I want to post this topic I've came across as I am still having this issue, and another reason I am reluctant to get FSUIPC. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77002-fsuipc-doesnt-respond-to-any-joystick-inputs/ I have found a possible solution though to anyone willing to try. It's obvious that this issue is related to high CPU load and a window focus change. I wanted to see if using Throttlestop would help, by boosting the CPU speed (I have a 4th gen Intel i7) to Turboboost speeds (for me 2.4 boosting to 3.4ghz). The extra processing power reconnects the joystick. I assume the extra processing room allows the joystick to jump back in before it gets used up by FSX. This with the testing I've done so far has worked successfully in reconnecting the joystick, with a 100% success rate. If anyone else wants to try this at your own risk, you are welcome to. -Tom H
  15. Hahaha no I'm not joking about that, but it's something with our new router as I later found out. I can't figure out how to fix it though. If I go through our modem it's fine, but through our Linksys router it redirects to the CIA. Something inside the router is doing it. Google SimMarket redirects to CIA, I'm not the only one who's had the issue. Our old WRT54G didn't have this issue, but our new EA6900 does. Now it (the joystick disconnecting issue, not my CIA issue) appears this issue is being caused because FSX doesn't re-detect joysticks or controllers, but I am wondering about that now. Back in Windows 7 on another laptop, I would disconnect my joystick from my computer when on Autopilot so if it got banged or something it wouldn't send my flight into maybe another dimension (like the issue with hitting cars into another dimension in OMSI 2 haha). I also did this when transporting my laptop around mid-flight. I could reconnect without any issue though. My joystick (a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) does have a wiring issue which I have tried to prevent but still does occur, which does cause it to disconnect entirely from the computer. But even when this happens, FSX still sometimes picks it up when it reconnects. So does FSX actually scan for joysticks then if I can disconnect and reconnect my joystick even after 8 hours of it running on Windows 7? Just a thought, because it seems quite weird. Now this is a bit alarming and that's why I am a bit reluctant to go and buy FSUIPC. Does it disconnect like a joystick does from FSX and doesn't reappear? I'm just wondering if FSUIPC is even a real solution to the issue because it's not the only place I've read FSUIPC not seeing the joystick. -Tom H
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