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  1. I would check out the new Haswell-E chips. I heard the mid-range one is priced about the same as the older chips. New x99 motherboards a bit pricey though. You do get the benefit of ddr4 ram (but your going to pay for that also). If nothing else, I'd wait a bit, then spring for the "newest". Just a thought!!! Gary
  2. I live in the area (Sheboygan Falls), and have already made changes to this local airport. When I get a chance, I'll get back here, and maybe somehow I can get the file to you. Mind you, I am by no means a pro at this, but if I can get it to you, you can try it. If you like it fine, otherwise get rid of it. Gary
  3. Long time ago, I found a fmc tutorial on youtube. There is a number of them on the website, just use the search function. The one that helped me the most was a tutorial flight from LA to Vegas. I first read the tutorials that came with the plane; the picked up pointers and small things from youtube. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Since I'm not starting my flights "cold and dark", I don't believe this is my problem. However, what you say makes sense, and I will be checking the generator settings on my flights. Again, thanks.
  5. While flying in certain planes I losing some functions. This especially seems to be happening when flying the Captain Sim, C130. After a certain time, lets say 15 minutes, but could be more or less, I'll lose the screen on the GPS (it will go black (blank). Also the autopilot will quit working (not necessarily following a course, but just maintaining alt). The landing gear won't respond either, but I found out if you keep hitting Alt + G, it will then toggle down. (One time it just continued flying for awhile, and then corrected itself and operated normally). This same sort of thing happens occasionally when flying the PMDG's 747x, but there is no GPS screen. Usually just before landing, and even throttles don't respond. Doesn't do it all the time, but seems more prevalent after not flying it for awhile. Also had the same symptoms while flying Flight1's Cessna 172, but not very often. I do most of my flying with PMDG's 737, and seem to have no problems with it. Specs on my system: Intel I7-3770K CPU @ 3.5GHz, 16GB RAM, ATI 7970 graphics board, Win7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit, and Saitek yoke and throttles. I'm running 4 monitors off my graphics card, but don't seem to have any performance problems with it at all (in other words all my scenery and stuff is nice and smooth, no jerkiness at all). Any help and/or advice would be appreciated, and, thanks in advance. Gary
  6. The problem is with your windows display setting. Go to "control panel", then "display", and check 100% rather than 125% or larger for you size. That should do it.
  7. After messing around with the two fixes above I think I finally have it. I kept searching in old posts, and somewhere I saw it say to run that registry repair tool from flight1 in the "Run as administator mode". I tried that, and believe it now works. When I tried it, I used the 747 freighter version, and hope its the same as the regular passenger version. Time will tell, but it sure was nice to make the flight and have everything working OK. Thanks again!!! :yahoo: :p0504:
  8. No luck. I tried both fixes listed above and get no changes whatsoever. I did notice though, that everything lines up OK at the departure airport, it is just the ILS and the intersection points in the ILS path (as in the Las Vegas picture; the (PRINO, LARRE, SHAND, and RELIN) points are not lined up in the ILS path and the runway. I also tried other airports as a destination, and get the same results. Don't know if it means anything or not, but the angle that the ILS intersection points are off from the runway seems to be about the same angle as the angle that the flight path is off of heads up when enroute. I do not run any other navigation progroms, and this was a clean install about a week or so ago. Also, I've been loading the FMC manually, and manually checking all my SID, STAR, and ILS charts to make sure everything is correct. Again, thanks ahead for any suggestions and/or help.
  9. I am having several issues with my ND not correctly (or I think so) displaying my route. I am taking off in Phoenix, AZ and flying to Las Vegas, NV. In the first picture I am in the PLN screen, and as you can see, my intersections (PRINO, LARRE, SHAND, and RELIN) in the localizer are not even lined up with the runway (ILS 25L). I am sitting on the runway in Phoenix, and 25L is at destination in Las Vegas. In the next picture while enroute you can see that the flight path is not straight ahead (or up), but about 7 to 10 degrees to the right. This is always the way my ND works. Here in the next picture I am getting close to the final destionation (runway 25L) and you can see that I'm following the route, but the route is not lined up. In the next picture I took away the panel so you can see where I actually touched down. I left it in auto-land, was locked in to the localizer, and ended up landing to the right of the runway.\ I have ifly's 737 on my system and can program that FMC and auto land all day long and be lined up and on the runway every time. I must be missing something. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated; and thanks!!! :help: :good:
  10. While flying the 747 and using the FMC, only engines 1 & 2 are being controlled by the FMC. I am using Saitek yoke and throttle set-up, and have to either use the Saitek throttle or the keyboard to control engines 3 & 4. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!