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  1. Good stuff Matt, thanks. Got some more random technical questions for ya regarding AS: 1. After looking at some pics on A.net, it seems there's a relation between certain fuel tanks and hydraulic pumps being on to whether or not the APU is started/on. For instance, when the APU appears to be running, the #1 Aft Fuel Pump is the only one on along with all hydraulic pumps on. Or, when the APU is off and GPU is connected, no fuel pumps are on and the two Elec hydraulic pumps are off. Is this procedure correct, or is there more to it with something I'm missing? 2. Engine Start procedure. Is #2 first standard? Also, referencing a couple other airline's procedures for the following: fuel cutoff on at 25%? Does AS turn off the "A" hydraulic pumps for pushback, or are all Hyd pumps left on? Lastly, are any packs turned back to on (and Iso Valve close) after the respective engine is started or are the packs just both left off until both engines are started? 3. What's the procedure, if any, for having a small amount of fuel in the center tank for takeoff? I know one airline turns them off if the fuel amount is less than a certain number, then back on during the after takeoff flow. 4. Is Autobrake 1 authorized? Dang, 25?! Was that a typo for 15 or is flaps 25 actually used for t/o in rare cases? Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the answers/help so far with AS operations Matt. It's great for us that love to fly Alaska realistically. I've got some to tack on here if you don't mind. 1. Does AS use logo lights? I've seen photos (at night) where some have it on and some don't. 2. Is there a set number to use for reserves on the Perf Init page, or does it fluctuate depending on conditions? 3. I read above that you estimated the CI at 30 now. I've read from posts in the past that it's 15. Has this been a recent change? That's all I can think of off the top of my head, for now...
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