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  1. Lawyer+Pilot

    AS Next available now

    The preference, per the manual, is ASN first. This is to avoid Simconnect issues.
  2. Lawyer+Pilot

    Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog with NGX/777

    Easiest way is to register FSUIPC (if you don't already have it) and configure the buttons/switches through there. Of course, that costs a little extra money, but I have everything on my Warthog configured that way (throttles including reverse, all axes, buttons, etc.), and she is working flawlessly.
  3. Lawyer+Pilot

    Difficult to slow her down during descent !

    Number 1 rule: Stay waaaaaay ahead of this airplane. Number 2 rule: Don't rely on VNAV to manage your altitude AND your speed. In the terminal environment I almost always intervene with a reduced speed and then just dance on the speedbrakes to keep a descent rate of descent. *The other thing to remember is that the 777 will often put itself above path while descending (keeping it comfortable for passengers while the pilot wonders what the heck is taking so long). If you're busy trying to get back on path while continuing to slow down, you're going to have issues. Just get used to it and start managing your speed earlier in the approach.
  4. Lawyer+Pilot

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    C:\Flight Simulator X\simobjects\airplanes The liveries are there as well.
  5. Lawyer+Pilot

    PMDG BOEING 777/200LR Weights

    This is very useful. Thanks! Now I can stop using the ZFW workaround in the FMS. It's quite simple. Rich people travel abroad more often than poor people. While abroad, rich people sit around and do nothing while eating yummy food. Hence rich people are fatter than poor people and, because they travel abroad more often, Boeing has assumed that 777 passengers will on average be fatter than 737 passengers. It's in the FCOM somewhere.
  6. Click spots, man, click spots.
  7. Lawyer+Pilot

    Is a 777 really this easy to fly?

    If you want an aircraft that's "hard" to fly, get a DC-3. I wouldn't recommend a state of the art FBW widebody.
  8. Lawyer+Pilot

    Throttle problem

    I think the need for FSUIPC may be specific to the Warthog. In any event, I just got it to work by reseting all of the axes in FSUIPC. I also switched from "Aileron Set", "Elevator Set", "Rudder Set" and "Throttle 1+2 Set" to "Axis Aileron Set", "Axis Elevator Set" and so on. Now, it's all working. If you ever find you need whatever it is that FSUIPC does, give that a try.
  9. Lawyer+Pilot

    Throttle problem

    Yes, I believe it does. Perhaps I'll try it anyway. Having the HOTAS Warthog kind of complicates things though. Fingers crossed.
  10. Lawyer+Pilot

    Throttle problem

    I'm at work at the moment (bah!) and still need to give this a whirl, but my understanding is that we just need to let the FSUIPC.ini rebuild , and then we can reassign the axes and throttles through FSUIPC again. In other words, I don't think it needs to go through FSX. It sounds like the rebuilding is required because the ini gets corrupted somehow. By the way, my throttles are working fine through FSUIPC.
  11. Lawyer+Pilot

    Throttle problem

    I remember reading that. I was hoping to avoid having to delete the ini because I don't want to have to reconfigure all of the axis and button assignments in FSUIPC. Deleting the file deletes all of that, right?
  12. Lawyer+Pilot

    Throttle problem

    Interesting. It sounds like you had the same issue I'm having. I have no rudder or ailerons. Throttle and elevators work fine. I have everything mapped (but not calibrated) through FSUIPC. The rudder actually twitches for some reason on the flight controls page when I move the rudder axis on my Thrustmaster Warthog throttle quadrant. Hmm When you say that you had to reactivate your FSX controls, do you mean you had to put a check in "Enable Controllers"?
  13. Lawyer+Pilot

    PFPX Disapointment - The Aircraft Database

    I've been using the Dash 8 template for the Majestic Q400. Of course you have to adjust the DOW, as that varies by individual aircraft based on installed options. Once you enter the DOW showing in the Majestic config panel, you're good to go. I can't speak for the NGX profiles yet, but the same rule applies: DOW varies by individual aircraft. Don't expect that to be correct in the profile. You should make a profile for every aircraft you fly. That's why one of the fields is for the registration number (which, of course, is unique to the aircraft).
  14. Lawyer+Pilot

    SimBrief - Advanced Flight Planning

    Although I'm sure the functionality isn't quite on par with PFPX, this is an epic fail for FlightSimSoft. An advanced FREEWARE flight planning tool released a mere couple of weeks before PFPX is targeting release (well, assuming FlightSimSoft got it right this year). I'm going to give this a shot tonight. If it's as good as it looks at first glance, I may pass on PFPX. Let's face it, I just shelled out the money for FTX Global, and the PMDG 777 is on the horizon. I'd love to be able to scratch one off my wishlist.
  15. Lawyer+Pilot

    Weather radar and On board taxi camera

    It's not the question. It's the tone. The OP should try not being so belligerent. That way, he won't sound like an idiot.