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  1. Hi, maybe it's your anti vir? Have you tried to disable it for testing? (Of course disable it only for a short time, and while it's disabled only use P3D and no internet). What's the load of your CPU and GPU?
  2. Hi, i had the same problem with Active Sky Next. I could visualise it with the tool "latency checker" http://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml It was caused by the antivirus software Norton. If i remember correctly even disabling Norton did not help, i had to completely uninstall it. My solution was to change my antivirus software. Hope this helps
  3. But these fixes like DM428 ARE in wpnavfix.txt!
  4. Less than 15 minutes till the event. You can still book a slot. Pilots without a slot are also welcome of course.
  5. http://www.vatroute.net/ and http://www.simroutes.com/fb2/ParseRoute.aspx
  6. Yes, I can confirm it. If I have the mouse outside of the FSX window I have 7 frames more than with the mouse inside of the FSX window in 3D cockpit.