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  1. Hello, I have been mulling over building an English Electric Lightning Home cockpit for the last 6 months, which for the next three months I have the time and money to do. However, I am aware that home cockpits are hardly easy to make, let alone a specific aircraft like the Lightning. I have a couple of questions which I would hope some of you may be able to shine some light on: - I'm thinking of building a rough reconstruction of the cockpit, but rather than have a large display around, I would use my Oculus Rift S, is this viable? - Though I am aware I have stated I would use the Rift S for most of the function, I have some old EE Lightning gauges sitting around. I would like to fit them to the cockpit, and hopefully make them functional. Would this be entirely impossible? - I am toying with the idea of building the cockpit in a modular fashion with a metal finish like the aircraft. Is contracting a 3D printing service viable, or vaguely cost effective? I would try and get panels from them, and fit switches into the panels. Cheers, Peter
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