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  1. Hello, after create and load my flightplan into P2A there are 4 NAT inside and show in the list. After press the "file" button the NATS are gone. Then i fill in the NAT manually - the first - click file - this and the other NAT are now showing again in the plan. What cause this ? thanks
  2. Hello, whats the correct commands/ to do a step climb ? I have trouble to get a clearence for a higher flightlevel then the initial altitude from fliightplan thank you
  3. Garfield30

    Pilot2Atc and JarDesign A330 + A320

    Finally get working 🙂 In another thread i read that you have integrated 2 checkboxes to ignore the refs of avionic and battery switch. Clicked both on and suprise now work 🙂
  4. Garfield30

    Pilot2Atc and JarDesign A330 + A320

    Maybe yes 😕 I only hear the ATIS but can´t change to clearence freq etc. Only hear ATIS in an endless loop.
  5. Hello, i´m testing the P2ATC Demo at the moment. I´m not able to get working together with the JD A330 V3 and the A320. Problem is that the radios are not working. Never got a response from a controller - even when use the say it function. Other airplanes from FF 767 + 757 or A320 for example are working. Are the JD A320 + A330 not compatible ? Tank you for information.
  6. So i´ve end my test : ifly - all systems and engines running @ Aerosoft EDDF Gate 46 : 1237048 without autogen, (1050276) with autogen @ normal density PMDG 777 - all systems and engines running @ Aerosoft EDDF Gate 46 : 1169948 witout autogen, (993092) with autogen @ normal density Used Addons : AS EDDF, Open LC Europe, FTX Vector, FTX Global, FS Global Ultimate Europe So what i wish from the ifly Team : Improve autopilot, wingflex Model, Flood lights and the possibility to saving flights regards Alex
  7. Okay let me say that the PMDG feels more stable in flight dynamics and autopilot systems and has the better physics i feel. What aircraft is now the right i cant say.
  8. Hello together, first test finish - so far so good - graphics really good , VAS Usage very high, flight Model and Autoflight Systems not so good as the PMDG 747 - but i think this will adressed in future service updates. Big - point : its not possible to save a flight , or i don´t see that? regards Alex
  9. Garfield30

    what your first 777-300ER flight?

    From EDDF to SBGL ill start to fly with the beaty :-)
  10. Garfield30

    SP1 Beta Polar Flight (Photos)

    Very great images :-) can't wait for the release of SP 1 with all this great additions . Will weather radar come together with SP1 ? Ahh and one other simple question : I've seen the scattered round green lines on the ND , here in this post and at the early preview pics before release,but never seen in my case . ? What are this for lines ?
  11. Garfield30

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    O , well , thank you so much. I have found one Livery for the 737-800 :-) Very happy about this. I hope that come out more Sky Liverys.
  12. Garfield30

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Hello there , i´m searching for the Sky Airlines Liveries . Ist there anywhere to find ?