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  1. Hi Nico, I startet a new session. In RealTraffic i can see that ist an A320 testing its engines with corresponding callsign (ENG1TEST). Possibly this is what ENG meant. Mike
  2. Hi Nico, I use the Learner tool for UUEE. In the Log.txt after the session I found this: B172 <ENG A321 real> 12 <ENG A321 real> 13 added to 12 <ENG A321 real> 17 added to 12,13 <ENG A321 real> 18 added to 12,13,17 <ENG A321 real> 19 added to 12,13,17,18 <ENG A321 real> 20 added to 12,13,17,18,19 <ENG A321 real> 21 added to 12,13,17,18,19,20 <ENG A321 real> 22 added to 12,13,17,18,19,20,21 Can you tell me, what ENG means? Normally the ICAO code for the airline is written here. The airline code ENG does not exist. Mike
  3. ".... but a real="false"option will be added to a randomly chosen gate that fits the aircraft and/or has afcad about the airline." Hallo Does the algorithm assign the aircraft a suitable gate anywhere on the airport or does it use a gate in the immediate neighbourhood? Greetings from Germany Mike
  4. Hello Nico, I would like to be shown only the planes that are at the gate at the indicated times. At the moment the gates are automatically filled up with static aircraft depending on the parameter <park airport> parking % if the airport file do not have enough aircrafts at the indicated time. How can I avoid this? Do I set the parameter to zero? Best regards Mike
  5. Hallo Nico, I have some trouble with RealTraffic: I download the RealTrafficLauncher_Setup from the website. After installation i start the RealTrafficLancher.exe. I see a schmall window: "RealTraffic is launching ..." After that the window disappears and nothing happens. The Windows Taskmanager don't show any hint to RealTraffic. What is wrong? My system Win10 Pro v2004 Mike
  6. Hallo Nico, what is the default status of the lights of the static airplanes injected by PST? Cabin and logo lights on? Best regards Mike
  7. Hi Nico, From the manual: "If selected PSXT will detect 3rd party aircraft that are at a gate. It will look-up the aircraft’s ICAO airline and ICAO type based on the registration code of the aircraft and add that to the airport file." From what source the aircraft registration code comes? From the aircraft cfg (atc_id=) or from the traffic.bgl witch contains the flight plan? Why my questions? If i install an AI Aircraft via AIG AI manager no registration code of the aircraft is in the aircraft. cfg. Mike
  8. "EDIT: I must warn you, the possibility to use PSXT without RT will become obsolete... " This is a surprise for me. I love this option. Can you tell me why it will be become obsolete? Mike
  9. Hi Nico, I want to use PSXT without life traffic. Which time use PSXT? System or P3D time? The files in the folder parked_updates: The hour attribute are all in UTC? Mike
  10. Hi Nico, So far I have not edited anything in Excel but i found this syntax error in the xml files. Is there a way and a reason to correct this? Do not worry, your programs work fine. I'm excited Mike
  11. Hi Nico, please add this Airline SQP (SkyUp Airlines). Mike
  12. Hi, i want to rework some airport files in Excel in a simple way. I cant open the files. Then i make a xml validation with this message for example. What happens? Mike 7: 2 The markup in the document following the root element must be well-formed. XML-Dokument: 1 <?xml version="1.0"?> 2 <meta> 3 <info name="author" value="ParkPosGenerator" /> 4 <info name="version" value="8.3" /> 5 <info name="date" value="Wed Jan 16" /> 6 </meta> 7 < parameters> 8 <parameter name="ICAO" value="AGGA" /> 9 <parameter name="airport_name" value="Auki" />
  13. Hallo, I use the linda modul for the PMDG B737NG and GSX. Is there a way to disable the automatic door handling by linda. I cant find the topic. posts Report post Posted March 6, 2018 Hi Mike, I've found this post on how to disable the automatic gsx handling by Linda. Read this: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/500848-explanation-of-lindas-gsx-door-service/ Regards, Max Mike
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