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  1. As long as you can't simulate accurate "force feedback" or call it artificial feel to your steering devices, there will never be a "feels like the real thing"... Maybe in the future when we have input devices like steering wheels in racing games, simulating at least some forces we will have sort of a feeling.
  2. Also no restriction from the company side here. It depends on the flown approach. 2D or 3D approach, what category of ILS and so on. If I have strong winds and gusts I'll dissconnect the autopilot very early to have a better feeling of the conditions. If I'm IMC I'll wait until the rwy is insight. There are so many factors... so no defined altitude or nav point to disconnect the autopilot.
  3. Do you have the stutters everywhere or is it specific to a location? I have hard stutters or call it pauses when approaching to zurich. No matter what setting I use. Everytime approaching RWY 28 somewhere out 15 - 20 miles on the approach I have pauses. It smoothes out when getting closer to the airport. No addons or modds only fsdt zurich. The pauses are there also without fsdt lszh. I have that pauses on few other locations. However no idea how to troubleshoot.
  4. I had a huge hit on fps too. Try to reset do default on the graphic settings and then set you prefered settings. That solved it for the most. But still getting less fps than before the patch...
  5. Just check flightradar24 or similar. That's actually what we're doing in the real thing to get an idea which rwy is active. General wind direction will stay the same in shorter flights if the weather is stable. For longer flights we use the ACARS or listen to the ATIS which is giving information about the active rwy.
  6. The latest version of the mod is working pretty good guys. Also engine shutdown is fixed.
  7. Hmm what bothers me more is that the update didn't reset the baseinstrument file... I still have 2 in there after the update.
  8. I think it depends on the time of day. According to the lighting at that time it looks good or not that good. What my problem is though, I can climb through a massive overcast with fps around 40 in an airliner. When passing the highest layer of cloud the very light clouds on top (not sure how to describe) I get a massive fps drop down to low 20 or even below.
  9. 4K Samsung monitor. Eventviewer only tells me that there was a power loss. Could be a RAM issue still investigating. Also the PSU could be the culprit. Strange thing is it only happens in MSFS and only when clicking world map
  10. Absolutely no idea what's going on here... it was fine a couple of days ago. Maybe a windows update? As soon as I click world map my pc shuts down and reboots. I can click marketplace, news or any other button. It only happens when clicking world map in full screen. I have no overclocking. No temp issues. Run stresstests for GPU and CPU no issues. Also no issues in other games like P3D or what ever game I tried. Anyone with the same issue?
  11. I am a rated E190 pilot and bought the V3 just to see how it performs and if it's anywhere near to study level. And it definetly is nowhere near to the real thing. A lot of missing stuff and way overpriced for its functions. For that price I'd like to see at least steep approach capabilities. Also a few missing pages in the FMC and general functions like APU handling is just not right. FPS whise compared to the PMDG birds I have at least 10fps less. So I just should have skipped this one. Maybe there will be a good E2 one day.
  12. Same here... after HF1 installation I'm not able to leave aerosofts EGLL. Device hung after a few minutes. Also a lot less fps than before the hf1 installation. (With and without dynamic texture streaming)
  13. What are your HDR lighting settings looks really good
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