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  1. I already did that, but it didn't really help. Something in the bus hitting really hard. It was way better and smoother in P3D.
  2. Same here. My CPU is a bit weaker than yours but the Bus seems to be a heavy hitter on my system. There seems to be a system which is taxing the CPU 100% from time to time. My i7 6700k at 4.6 Ghz HT on without AM tweak is normaly around 70% - 80% when using PMDG aircraft through out the flight. Absolutely stable without fps issues even while approaching EGLL. My 1080ti is performing good also with DL on at 8xMSAA at night (4k 30hz rock solid 30fps). However when flying the bus my frames are around 20 with 100% CPU load on the ground and even lower on approach at day... Even while cruising, when the CPU load is at 100% my frames drop to around 20. When load is decreasing, my frames recover and are stable until the load goes up again to 100%.
  3. Just fund a workaround in the Aerosoft forum. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127825-lebl-pro-night-textures/
  4. It is very nice at day time, but at night with DL on it looks too bright and oversaturated. Compared to Heathrow, Frankfurt and Zurich, something seems to be wrong with the lighting in Barcelona.
  5. I just changed the path since I have a clean install and applied the textures. It seems to be fine according to the sun and the flare. However I'm not 100% sure since without PTA everything looks so different :)
  6. Well I did a clean install of 4.1 and honestly I can't see any difference compared to 4.0 When looking back to the airport after take off everything is black and textures loading slowly. I still have autogen popping. However I am not sure about dynamic lighting. When I ticked DL in 4.0 I had immediatly a decrease in fps to araund 10. With 4.1 I have stable fps until I switch on the taxy and landing lights (PMDG). Maybe it will behave the sam way like it did in 4.0 when PTA is installed with shader and lighting tweaks. So no benefit at all on my side until FLS releases the 320. But happy for the VR guys they seem to have good imrpovements in performance.
  7. Nope. I have deleted everything P3D V4.0 related and did a clean install. I'm up in the air now seems to be ok... funny without PTA everything looks like FS2000 :D
  8. That's what I did. It works perfectly. Just copy paste your ORBX folder and let FTX Central install the library update. No need to download and install all your ORBX stuff.
  9. clean install with AS and ASCA => CTD terrain.dll at KSFO (Flightbeam)... well frsutrating
  10. Have a look here: https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU download and install CRU 1.3 it's really simple. Btw. the newest Nvidia driver which was released today seems to be causing stutters and lower fps than the 385.69... at least on my system
  11. Oh I see you have a 1080Ti so you should definetly be on the safe side with native 4k :D
  12. It seem's you guys have all more than one display connected to the same GPU. So maybe there is really a bug in P3D4 relating to undocking windows and low fps. In general to low fps with weak GPU's and 4k displays: I had also low fps after I upgraded to a 4k display. Espacially during approach when a lot of autogen and the airport was visible. I tried various settings and tweaks but was never able to hold 30fps throughout the flight. (30hz) My GTX 970 is the culprit. It is impossible to get acceptable performance at native 4k.... Then I had an idea and tried custom resolutions. So if we take 90% of 4k (3840x2160) we get 3456x1944. Once I set this resolution in the sim, my performace and smoothness was like never before. And you almost can't see any difference in texture quality compared to native 4k. Even with dynamic lighting on I had 20fps which was around 10 with native 4k. I also overclocked my GPU and installed game booster that optimized some background processes. However I'm not sure, how much it improved my performance. I guess it was the custom resolution which gave me the smoothness and fps back which I had with my full hd display before. It definetly is worth a try.
  13. Whats your diaplay resolution? Since I have a 4k 30hz monitor I'm not able to use DL. Even with AA set to off. My GTX970 seems to be the culprit here :(
  14. Well I guess the only way is to alter your AA settings, but this will kill your performace with DL enabled.. My GTX970 is definetly to weak to use DL with a 4K resolution. I have very less flickering with 4K but my frames are around 10 at night with DL enabled :(
  15. I have 200nm for upper vis. according to the hifi forum this should be the optimal setting for a single basic visibility layer. My max surface vis is 75nm. Thank you for the help!