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  1. onurair

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    What I really would like to see is a real atmosphere... Get rid of texture based clouds. Moisture, Haze, Fog, Clouds, changing lighting conditions all based on laws of physic. Imagine beeing at FL400 and you have fully OVC conditions at around FL250 ish and you can realy "feel" the altitude...
  2. onurair

    11.30RC1 Performance

    Do any of you guys experience stutters? With RC2 I have around 30 - 40 frames but the movements are not fluent. I tried different aircraft and different airports.. My specs: i7 6700k @ 4.6 HT on 1080Ti 11GB 32GB 3200Mhz RAM Propably there is a setting in the nvidia control panel I have to change. I also seem to have screen tearing when only Half refresh rate is set in the nvidia control panel and vsync not checked in the sim.
  3. onurair

    FPS & Cloud Shadows

    Same here. Shadows in common are a performance killer. There is a cfg entry.. I can't remember the exact words but should be something like opaque shadow res or similar. Just do a search with the keyword "shadow". The standard setting is 4096. I have reduced it to 1024 and gained a good amount of fps back.
  4. Sorry to "7500" the thread but is there an addon like orbx global to get rid of the brownish ground textures? I know of orthos and HD Mesh but are there any global exchange textures or similar? Thank you in advance
  5. Thank you very much Brian. I'm going to try your settings. We have almost an identical system in CPU, GPU and MoBo wise, so these settings should work out for me too.
  6. Wow thank you very much for the feedback and the explanations. I'll give it a try tonight. I'm mainly flying in central europe so not much of an ocean there. But if the water is getting better with xvision, I'll definetly fly further to the mediterranean coasts. Would you mind showing your rendering settings? Thank you very much in advance!
  7. Is someone using xvision with xenviro? Will I loose all the good things coming with xvision or can I just untick post processing and upper/lower atmosphere (vers. 1.07)? I want to have real weather and the look and feel of xvision 🙂 Thank you in advance for any help.
  8. onurair

    FSLabs A320

    Also could you please post a fltsim.cfg of a working livery cabin pack combo? Thank you in advance.
  9. onurair

    FSLabs A320

    Thanks mate did that yesterday evening. In the sound options changed the output from default to my soundcard. Seems to be better now. But I can't figure out how to get the cabin sounds working 😞 I have installed the liveries according to the manual. The ICAO codes of the airlines are correctly set. I made sure that I have passengers loaded in the MCDU. And the knop in the cockpit is pressed and volume full up... I'm lost here. BTW. The cabin packs are installed with the installer. And everything seems to be correctly placed in A320X/airlines...
  10. onurair

    9 FPS at KJFK in P3D v4.3

    Ist it really only at JFK? Could you disable your AI traffic completely and check your fps again?
  11. onurair

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I can remember that I had a second default traffic BGL file after the install of client, content and scenery. I then deleted one of them and added the .bak suffix at the end of the other file. I have to check that again, once I get home from work. Thank you anyway for the tipp.
  12. onurair

    FSLabs A320

    Did anyone of you guys experience sound issues? I have sound stutters and can't get the cabin announcement packs getting to work. Everything seems to be installed correctly according to the fslabs manual. I got it working in 4.2 but no chance in 4.3.. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. onurair

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    I did some more tests yesterday with the FSL320. I can keep 30fps at the ground with pretty high settings. What gives me stutters and dropping/fluctuating fps however is AI traffic. I had it set to 100% (CUSTOM AI) and let FSUIPC handle it with a limit of 100 and target FPS at 32. This was giving me good results and solid fps in 4.2 Things are different in 4.3 with the exact same settings. I have to dig deeper. Something is not working correctly. I suspect my FSUIPC installation...
  14. onurair

    FSLabs A320

    It's released. According to the changelog it should fix the dropping FPS when climbing above FL280 and in rainy conditions.