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  1. chiefnwa

    ASCA vs Soft Clouds

    Lol if only one thing did it all... I've got PTA and AS so adding ASCA for clouds then using Rex (which I have) for sky textures wouldn't be too bad.
  2. chiefnwa

    ASCA vs Soft Clouds

    So I currently have (and have had) soft clouds for quite a while. I like the textures but they didn't install properly into V4. Yes, I know it's not technically compatible but I gave it a try. It didn't work and now I have no cloud textures. I just got AS16/ASP4 (upgraded from ASN) and I like the idea of having variable cloud textures, and from the pictures, the textures look pretty decent. What do you all think? Upgrade to ASCA or stick around for the Rex update?
  3. Still using V3 as most of my flying is the NGX or Aerosoft Airbus recently as I've gotten a little bored with the 777 (for now of course). The only payware aircraft I have that is ported so far is the 717. Once the NGX comes out I'll probably make the move. But... I'm considering a side by side install of V3 and V4 this weekend just to get started. I currently have Active Sky Next but I don;t want to buy AS16 with Rex Skyforce being so close to release, so not sure what I'd use for a weather engine in the mean time.
  4. chiefnwa

    TFDI 717

    I verified last night that it was on.
  5. chiefnwa

    TFDI 717

    Tried two things last night. Loaded up a flight and input a flight plan, saved the flight then exited the sim. When I reloaded the sim and flight I was in cold and dark. I also tried just saving and exiting the scenario then reloading and got the same thing. I have persistence on for all liveries as well. I keep forgetting to post to TFDI's forum since it's blocked here at work, I'll try to remind myself at home tonight. As it stands now, the plane is parked in the hangar until I can get this figured out.
  6. chiefnwa

    [Poll] What's your Prepar3D v4 plans?

    I have limited SSD space and I don't feel like spending much more on replacing one. I mainly fly with the PMDG 737/777, TFDI 717 and Aerosoft Airbus, the latter of which of course won't be available in V4 anytime soon. I also plan on adding the Majestic Dash soon which also isn't available. Not to mention, Orbx Vector still isn't out. Once those addons are released I'll move over. Most of my scenery consists of FB, FSDT, FT and a few Aerosoft/Pacsim and others here and there, most, if not all of which are already compatible.
  7. chiefnwa

    TFDI 717

    Interesting, I just flew it again two weeks ago. Saved the flight halfway between SLC and YVR which ended up crashing a little later. When I returned I had no flight plan and the panel state wasn't saved.
  8. chiefnwa

    TFDI 717

    I love the plane but I have one gripe. I hate the idea of not being able to save the flight in case of a crash, which seems to happen in increasing frequency. Nothing's more frustrating than have a CTD on descent and not being able to pick up from there after a restart. If they implemented that, I'd be flying the plane every time I fire up P3D like I do the PMDG NGX/777 and Aerosoft Airbus.
  9. chiefnwa

    Terrible Performance

    Just implemented these settings minus one thing. Moved SSG down to 2. FPS at ATL are now a steady 28. I'm doing a test flight right now ATL (Imaginesim) to YUL (Flytampa) in the 320 and I'm sticking to the 30 locked FPS. Clouds do seem to be an issue, once I entered the clouds on climb out my FPS dropped to 12 each time I passed through one. I also noticed that my WOAI seems to be significantly worse on FPS when compared to FSX. I turned AI to 10% in ATL and my fps dropped to 10 again. I'm guessing there's some sort of compatibility/optimization issue as there were probably only 15 planes on the ground. - The Nerd Before I started this flight I tried JFK myself to see what I got compared to you. ASN had all cloud cover with rain and I was only getting 14-16 with no AI on (includes FSDT and Aerosoft 320).
  10. chiefnwa

    Terrible Performance

    Here are my settings... Traffic is at 0 and cloud settings are at low and 60 miles. Here's my inspector settings No cfg tweaks either as I read those aren't really needed for V3. I've looked at upgrading the GPU. Does P3D support SLI? I can pick up another GTX 660 off eBay for $60. Other option was I was looking at the GTX 970 as a replacement, albeit more expensive. I should also notate that I use FTX Global and Vector along with Active Sky Next coupled with REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds (medium resolution settings on all clouds).
  11. chiefnwa

    Terrible Performance

    Decided to finally make the switch to P3D from FSX. I've had a stable experience with FSX but figured with all the good news coming out of V3 that I'd be making a good choice. Here's my setup: i5 3570K @ 4.2ghz 8GB 1600mhz ram GTX 660 27" monitor (1900x...somewhere around there) This is the performance difference I'm seeing with fairly similar settings between the platforms. Imaginesim ATL with Aerosoft A319 FSX - ~22 fps with my settings looking at the entire terminal complex P3D - less than 8fps I was thinking maybe it was just ATL but while en route to DFW I was getting less than 20 the entire time and back down to 10/11 once in DFW. I lowered the settings significantly and the result was nearly no difference. Really not sure what could be going on to produce such a variance between the two.