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  1. I had the same thing occur to me, in the content manager I was able to select what I wanted to install, I didn't have to install content I felt was unnecessary, it was kinda nice having the choice.
  2. canuck21a, thanks for the heads up on your recommendation. Works perfect for setting up an initial flight plan, didn't try changing waypoints. Looks like in order to change a waypoint we have to go back to the beginning of the flight plan and change from there.
  3. my rudder moves on its own while on the ground taxiing, not in the air though. And i'm using pedals and turned the sensitivity down 50% with a 12% null zone.
  4. anyone experiencing erratic behavior in their throttle or mixture behavior? My throttle seems to fluctuate on its own at times.
  5. christb


    Hi when opening p4ao download its asking to enter a password for the encrypted file, never saw this before, how do i proceed?
  6. Has anyone else had issues adjusting lighting at night ? Any recommendations for night settings? My changing settings doesn't seem to do anything. Lighting sliders/HDR/Atmospheric . Nothing seems to change. Everything is over saturated but i can't seem to change it with any of the settings. Thanks
  7. hope they address the issues in vr: severe stuttering, clouds flashing, oversized powerline towers.
  8. Thank you for the heads up and the well wishes. Hope working through your present difficulties is not too challenging. Stay safe and stay well.
  9. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything mentioned there in reference to that issue being addressed. Wondering if the DirectX 12 rendering engine will affect it, not inclined to think it will affect scenery draw distance.
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