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  1. Great question I'm wondering the same. I can't even get it to extract into the msfs 2020 root folder
  2. what was the issue? whats the fix?
  3. I believe the Philadelphia area bridges is a separate package that can be found at Flt.Sim.to., I don't think they're included with the NY Bridges Package. I have both packages.
  4. I believe there are settings for camera speeds under general options, then go to camera and scroll down to camera speed settings, should be there.
  5. I had a Lights mod that i had to get rid of to get the g 36 back normal.
  6. Just in case anyone was unaware the "MSFS Addon Linker" does tell you how many valid addons are active and the total size of the active/valid addons in the community folder. When the linker screen is open just right click on the right side window showing the active addons in the community folder and at the bottom of the sub window the info is listed there. Hope this may be of help.
  7. Also, you might want to consider 64 GB of Ram.
  8. in VR or non VR? Many have commented about CTD's when trying to save a flight plan in VR. Coming out of VR to save the flight plan then going back in seems to be a work around.
  9. Sorry to hear that, hope you get it sorted out.
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