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  1. Try low power mode in the experimental section in options, couldn't hurt to try it.
  2. christb

    Final words

    Condolences regarding your wife Noel. Been praying for you. You're a blessed man to have such a loving family. .
  3. Solved. found the H: VAR in Spad Next and used the custom event option in the AAO scripting section to map it to the keyboard . Thank you for the direction.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, will check this out. Thanks for the direction.
  5. Any thoughts would be appreciated on something I recently encountered. I previously used a controller with keystrokes to control the TBM 930 G3000 Horizontal TSC 's using AAO through the HTML variables. For whatever reason I doesn't seem to hook into the sim now. I can see it functioning in the AAO Tree view listing, the green light indicators are operating, but nothing in the sim. I have the Lorby Hooks file in the community folder. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. God bless you and your whole family Noel.
  7. It may be another program in the background related to MSFS that doesn't close when the sim is suppose to close.
  8. ******* is right there with you Noel. Will be praying for you and your family.
  9. Did u check the manager or Garmin Trainer for updates. I recently had some issues then found the Trainer had an update, been ok sense.
  10. For me, bought the Cessna 414 AW from FSW store, the installer for the 3.2 update automatically uninstalled, then installed 3.2 update. Not sure about sim market installer. If u have the Simmarket app it may uninstall from there. U can always try control panel- add/remove programs.
  11. will try. thanks Tried your suggestion, unfortunately no joy.
  12. I feel your pain, I too have been having the same problem not being able to install. On my end I narrowed it down to the irsetup exe, file in the temp folder during install not being extracted. Not that it will necessarily be of help to you, I get an event 1000 error from the win 10 event log. - System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Version 0 Level 2 Task 100 Opcode 0 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2022-04-08T04:10:23.0137217Z EventRecordID 11726 Correlation - Execution [ ProcessID] 0 [ ThreadID] 0 Channel Application Computer DESKTOP-RNCTV8I Security - EventData irsetup.exe 5c2e5626 irsetup.exe 5c2e5626 c0000409 001b8624 1080 01d84afe8a1eec7a C:\Users\chris\AppData\Local\Temp\_ir_sf_temp_0\irsetup.exe C:\Users\chris\AppData\Local\Temp\_ir_sf_temp_0\irsetup.exe 57522635-5112-4e6b-a625-97c309578973. I've been in constant communication with FSW for weeks now and no resolution yet for me. I've resolved myself to the fact that I'll probably have to get a refund then go the way of the Marketplace in MSFS. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hope a resolution can be found.
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