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  1. Tried that, and still no luck.. Nothing in task bar or services/applications when C-A-D'ing... Do i need to copy any files into modules? Or just extract the one folder from the zip and do nothing else? Edit: AirTrafficManager.exe appears in processes for about 5-15seconds, then disappears.. Edit again: the highlighted link to the download wasn't working at all, but finally found a link with P3d only (hosted at medifire) - it works!! Cheers for the help!
  2. Ahh, cheers - do I need to extract the ATM files to a default folder in the Prepar3d main folder? And copy paste the modules into "modules" folder? Tried running it as jut a stand along folder (with Prepar3d 2.v4 already running), and nothing happened..? Edit - just tried what I suggested, and still no joy.. I have a SimConnectP3D2.dll in my modules folder already, so can't be that..? I have FSUIPC installed (latest version), but does that have to be registered? Like I said, i run P3D.exe, sitting on runway, alt-entr to desktop and double click the ATM icon - it loads for about 10sec, then does nothing..? Cheers again
  3. anyone got a working link to the P3D Optimiser? Original post on page one gooogledrive link is dead :( (I also presume its working on v2.4?) Cheers!
  4. Doesn't work for the majority of people with these affected laptops, in P3D. Gets very, very frustrating when we keep getting told to do that, but clearly it doesn't work. No ones fault, just frustrating that no one has a solution beyond this "fix", which doesn't work for us.
  5. Nah, no problem, it's an absolute joke that such powerful laptops can't run p3d. And it's not that they can't run it- as games like crysis etc can run fine on it, and most importantly show the nvidia card in the graphics settings in game. But unfortunately, some apps, like p3d, for some strange reason, only ever see the HD3/4000, and even though the nvidia is being utilised, the program thinks it's using the much poorer intel card. This seems to be reflected in Dxdiag with dx10, at least in my system anyway. And so while it is an issue with our laptops, it's either due to a non-profile provided for p3d from nvidia, or there's some sort of issue with o3d, in which it checks the card with dx11, and is told there's only a intel card. I've raised it with Les on the Lockheed forums, and he believes that there is nothing else they can do with the program to fix it. I managed a kind of workaround (search ptgar1 on their forums), by using much older drivers, and doing some weird combo of installs..
  6. Won't work ^ He has same laptop as me, in that it is running with an intel onboard card, and the nvidia card runs THROUGH this card. Ie you cannot disable the intel onboard card.. This method you mentioned doesn't work in p3d for these set-ups using nvidia the awful Optimus software, which you are locked into and cannot disabled Some games will recognise the nvidia card, others, like p3d will not. And while your nvidia card will be running, the application thinks it's running on a very limited intel card. Therefore you get the artefacts and flashing screens that plague all laptop users with this setup.. Many many threads on lockheeds forums about this.. Here's a test: run Dxdiag and see what it shows in there..
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