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  1. Hmm...maybe a try, but i think that needs too much power of the PC and so you will not have good fps. At the moment i have a GTX3080TI and 3 curved screens a 3840x1080.
  2. Hello, many thanks for the Answer. I know this site, but dont see something there which can bring the PFD/ND/EICAS/CDU on a Network PC Screen ? For the Start switching to PMDG this is the first main requirement. Matthias
  3. Hello, i am looking for a way to geth the Screens for the CPT/FO PFD/ND/EICAS and FMC to a Screen on a Network PC. Also i need a Way to connect my Opencockpits Hardware, no PnP Modules, just Sioc controlled Hardware like Switches, Buttons LED's and so on as also Pokeys Hardware to PMDG. Is there any Way to do that ? Matthias
  4. Hello, i have also a Homecockpit, but never with PMDG. But since Prosim is really worse in MSFS i want to change to PMDG. I have SIOC, Pokeys and a Sismo Aft Overhead. But i could not find a solution to bring the PFD/ND/EICAS and CDU Screens to my network PC's?? Is there a Solution available ? Thanks Matthias
  5. Hello, thanks for the Answer, but there is not so much help about this. So because you can use every other Aircraft ( i am able to find the right Nodes to add the Effect ) there is a Problem with the Visual Effects Editor itself. If you know about them, when you add a SimVar, then you can select the Units of the SimVar. As Example for the Eng N1 you select Percent like in this Video: at around 9:30. But in my Editor i can only select "meters" as units which makes no sense. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VreSJGsgf9UbXE7t7 Maybe anyone can help with that ? Matthias
  6. Hello, maybe some of you know Prosim737, the Homecockpit builder suite. The Aircraft i have to use is missing most of the effects, like the smoke on the gear after touchdown. Is there anyone who can help me adding these missing effects ? Thanks Matthias
  7. ...dosent work in FSUIPC7 [Programs] RunIf1=Close,"C:\Program Files\HiFi\ASP3D\ASP3D.exe"
  8. just to have the Waether Radar in the prosim737 Suite 🙂
  9. Hello, i am on MSFS, so FSUIPC7, but i think its the same , just add the Lines to FSUIPC. Will give it a Try...thanks a lot. I did not think about this direction, because i start all Programms via a little script file. Matthias
  10. Hello, thanks, yes i know the Reason. I sit in a Homecockpit and dont touch the PC's with the Mouse. So when i start the PC's all Programms are started Automatically and when i close the Sim, all PC's are Shutdown by Prosim737 ( the Homecockpit Suite i use ) Thats the reason i ask for another Solution. Matthias
  11. Hello, sometimes when i start AS P3D v5, i get this annoying window that ther is another session running and then i have to click yes. Thats annoying because i sit in a Homecockpit and dont like using a Mouse...so i start all when i start the PC. Is there maybe a option to prevent this window comming up ? Thanks Matthias
  12. its for Homecockpit builders, but you can use it too.
  13. As written above... I fly the Prosim737 Suite and MUST use the Flightmodel providet by Prosim
  14. I have a license, but you can test without a license for 30 min. Did anyone of you trying the airplane to fly ?
  15. Yes, it is a special airplane only for Homecockpit builders, but you can check it out: Download the latest version here: https://cdndl.prosim-ar.com/ProSimB738/Beta/?C=M;O=D You have then just to unrar it to any directory. Then you need to start the Prosim737 Suite Server and you need to start a instance of Prosim Display and Prosim FMC. After starting Prosim Server you can download the evalution version of the Model AND THE MODULE for FS2020 from the Menu via Help->Updates->Register Add Ons. The Flightmodel has the version 1.09 and the Module is version 1.0 Then you have a 30 min Evalution Version, which is enough to Test. Just run Prosim Server, Prosim Display and FMC. Enter all the Numbers and then you can control the AP via Prosim Display. So via Slew Control you can put tha airplane in 10000ft and at 8000 it is hopefully stabilized. Then FD, AT and AP on and then change just the HDG to 90 deg. right or left and you will see in the PFD the amount of Pitch and in the upper EICAS the amount of Thrust the AP adds to hold the Altitude. Also the Trim goes very very high. Matthias
  16. Hello and thanks for all the Answer. I should first make some things clear: Assume i fly at 8000ft at 220 kt stable and a good trimmed Aircraft. Tanks around 4000kg and around 14to Payload. Then yes, i mean a TURN of 90 degrees and for sure not a Bank of 90 degrees. I wrote i am just a private Pilot, but a Pilot. So i mean i know that a B737 have a bank of max 30 degrees for such a Turn:-) Yes, when i turn i have to add A BIT of back pressure at the Elevators and also maybe A BIT of Thrust to hold the Altitude, but i think it is not that i have to trim from 5 to more then 10, like the AP is doing. Just to make that a bit more clear. But the Question is still if there is any parameter in the flightmodel.cfg that i can change to minimize this effect a bit ? It would be really nice to know what parameter of the flightmodel.cfg i can start to change and see what happens. Thanks Matthias
  17. Hello, i have a Question to a Flightmodel in MSFS. It flies more or less ok, but the Problem is in making a Turn. Lets say we fly stable at 8000ft at 220kt, no wind. When i now do a 90 deg turn left or right, the nose dives sooo much down and i need sooo much trim / elevator forces to hold the Altitude. I am a PPL Pilot and know a little bit about Flightdynamics, not of a B737, but on a cessna. I know it is not to compare, but i know that also a B737 should not need soooo much trim/elevator and also thrust to holt the Altitude in a turn like described above. So my question is if anyone can help here and give me maybe a idea which parameter in the flightmodel.cfg is to change to make this behavior a bit better? Thanks a lot Matthias
  18. Hello, is the VMRGenerator still anywhere available ? This seams no longer available: https://www.lekseecon.nl/VMRGenerator.html Ich have some problems with the Matchings. Thanks Matthias
  19. Hello, if you need some stuff for your own Homecockpit, visit my shop at http://www.homecockpit-panels.de Thanks
  20. Hello, i got my new 3 49" widescreen curved monitors (Samsung CGH ... ) and now i have a resolution of 11520x1080...very wide :-) But the Problem is, that the View in Prepar3d v4.5 looks like a fish eye. Maybe the Binokular slider could help, but it seams not to work. Every time i press the slider with the left mouse, the view changes, but when i release the mouse, the view is back to the normal view without any changes. No change between the slider on the left or on the right. Has anyone a idea how to fix that ? ... or even to fix the view fisheye problem ? I tried Viewgroups, but it has too much impact on the fps, from around 30-40 without to around 9-11 with viewgroups. Thanks Matthias
  21. Hello, there is for sure a Addon.xml file nearly looking like above. I think i found a possible reason for all that. In Windows i chnged the loction of my Documents Direktory via right click on documents and then used the Move To button to change the location. Now i have a LUA file, that also make Problems because there is a call: sound.path(os.getenv("userprofile") .. "\\documents\\prepar3d v4 add-ons\\prosim-ar\\sound\\") I let, via ipc.display, LUA output the final string and it does not point to F:\ , no, it points to c:\user\username It seams that can be the reason for that problems. I dont know, but i know there is also in C# a .NET call for the user profiles path, and these i tested, gives me also C.\user\.... So, i think maybe LINDA is also using the .NET call and gets these wrong directory. The question is, if it is like i think, how can i solve that ? But if you have no more time i will tr google. Matthias
  22. Hello, no, i just used the installer and it installed the Aircraft in the Add on directory, which is correct. I just dont know why Linda did not found this aircraft? Matthias
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