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  1. jetlag

    FS9 Toolbox problem with pushback

    This is a very old thread but I wonder if anyone has found a solution to this problem...
  2. jetlag

    UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    Thanks for your reply. I will give it a go.
  3. jetlag

    UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    I have been tempted to install these but would like to know how they coexist with the more recent extreme series (EGLL EGKK EGCC etc.) as some areas overlap. Has anybody found any problem? Thanks.
  4. Great video! I applied the instructions but used a Pokeys 56U card that was lying around. On my first 737 flight, the CWS kept kicking in for no obvious reason. I found out that some very narrow spikes were not picked up and smoothed out by FSUIPC. Fortunately, the Pokeys card has a built-in adjustable low-pass filter on its analog inputs. After some adjustment, everything is nice and smooth. Thought this info may turn out to be useful to others, since not all joystick cards were created equal... Thanks again, Dan.
  5. The problem though is it's very easy to enable the reversers by mistake when moving the levers to idle power. Is your idle point at the top of the red band? That's the way I have set it up. There is a little notch that helps prevent getting into reverse accidentally. The switch activates a little bit below the notch. Have you tried to calibrate with a small "idle" deadzone just above the notch?
  6. One of my quadrant axes is spiking badly. I have read all the threads on this forum and others and am now prepared to open up the beast and try to clean the pots. However, while preparing for this, I have come across an issue that I have not seen mentioned anywhere: crosstalk. When I move the left lever full range, the values coming out of the MIDDLE channel change (with a lot of noise) by a few 1000s (out of -16k/+16k), although its lever does not move at all. I monitor the values with FSUIPC. This seems to point to some electrical fault. Has anybody else experienced this? and,better still, can offer a solution? Thanks, Phil
  7. jetlag

    Eric Marciano
  8. jetlag

    FS9 Toolbox problem with pushback

    Hi, I can't (yet) help you but you are not alone with this issue. At first, steerable pushback was flawless on my system. Then it became erratic, for instance working OK after a reload until I changed the a/c type. I don't know what caused the change (might have been my switching from XP to W7). Right now it works "once-in-a-while" and I have been unable to pinpoint a clear pattern. I have contacted the author who gave me a few hints but cannot reproduce the problem. If I find anything, I'll let you know. Cheers, Philippe
  9. jetlag

    PMDG abandoned FS9?

    I'll second that. IFly's support is outstanding. Ranks right up there, in the Pete Dowson's league!
  10. jetlag

    FSX Steam release pricing

    Is FSX Professional in Europe the equivalent of FSX Deluxe elsewhere? (Deluxe+Acc=Gold)
  11. When you say "they cannot...", do you mean "technically" or "legally"? Phil
  12. For VATSIM, I recommend to find out about upcoming events, day by day. I always plan my online flights based on that info to make sure I won't be alone. Meet you there.
  13. jetlag

    FS9 Freeze at Splash Screen

    I have had a few instances of a crash on splash screen (not a freeze though). Case 1: I had a Lua script called up in FSUIPC. For some reason, it was invoked twice from two different places and that was enough to cause a crash. Case 2: Crash without any message. That was a corrupt Level-D 767 license. I was able to see the message only in safe mode. I recovered by just starting the aircraft install and aborting it. Unfortunately that does not look like your issue but it may give you a hint, or help others. Good luck. Phil
  14. jetlag

    Malaysian 777 down in Ukraine

    I'm with you!
  15. jetlag

    Not quite a CTD

    Thank you, Jim, for your quick reply. I'll save your tips for future reference. Explanations below for the benefit of others who might have similar issues. I identified my problem when managing to start Windows in safe mode. Upon FS9 startup, a pop-up showed up about "Bad Level-D 767 licence. FS9 will quit". I pressed OK and it quit alright as promised!. The licence must have been corrupted by some virus scan or Windows restore. I started the 767 install process, aborted it, and that was it. Licence regenerated. FS9 happy. Yours truly ecstatic. Now, why would that popup message not show up in standard mode? That caused a lot of frustration and almost made me do a clean FS9 install! I meant "large address aware patch" to allow the use of memory beyond 3Gb Regards, Phil