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  1. Updating your downloaded file is optional 🐵 I had not even noticed the vending machine. That scenery is superb with or without the offending artifacts.
  2. Ouch! That was below the belt. Anyway, the OP was referring to MSFS!
  3. I am experiencing something weird, using stock nav data and WT CJ4. I loaded my LOWI-LOWK flight plan via OBEDI. Selected SID OBEDI3J and the following waypoints were generated: RWY08 SBG4!! RUM D0OEJ SBG7!! RTT OBEDI... Two deviations of 150nm each did not appeal much to me so I entered the whole plan manually but am wondering what could have caused this. Any clue? EDIT: Looked closer and the alt restriction given for SBG7 is consistent with that at D7OEJ (6700) in the chart. Looks like a database corruption.
  4. Navigraph Account Linking This mod enables the G3000/5000 to natively display Navigraph charts. Out of curiosity, is this also a real world feature or only in the sim?
  5. Pardon the silly question but have you noticed the "up to date" and "out of date" tabs?
  6. Careful! Flightsim.to has two different versions by this author: one is building model replacements only and the other one, as discussed here, is a full remake. I got confused when I saw an upgrade to 8.0.2 when I knew I already had 9.3.3. This is truly a superb job!
  7. Very sad that, with today's insistence on PC, Fawlty Towers would probably not be produced. Even post-Brexit, Manuel from Barcelona would not be allowed.
  8. It is tricky but it works. Reset with CTL-SPACE if you have used an instrument view. Also make sure the sim is in-focus: I found the hard way as I had been using map or pushback helper in a separate window. I had to click on sim window to regain right-button control.
  9. Same here. I set everything up at the gate before a flight and save it "just in case". If I later try to reload the situation I CTD every time. I have only started to do this recently so I cannot say if it is a new problem.
  10. Have you tried my setup (a few posts up)? I will test on other a/c types shortly and report back Anybody know how I can attach a video? I prefer not to share my dropbox.
  11. I confirm. I have pressed continuously for over 10 seconds. No acceleration at all. I have recorded a video but don't know how to attach it.
  12. It does not. In fact, I thought at first the assignment did not work because the wheel movement was almost imperceptible (Cessna 152). My FSUIPC setting: ButtonRepeat=20,10 1=RB,3,C65615,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_UP}- 2=RB,2,C65607,0 -{ELEV_TRIM_DN}- EDIT: You folks make me doubt. Maybe my "holds" are shorter than yours. I will make another careful, timed, test and report.
  13. I have assigned the trim up/down controls (not the keystrokes) to a rocker switch in FSUIPC. It works just fine in the 152; I have not tested other a/c yet.
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