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  1. I added the word "on" according to your instructions but sadly this did not help. Sometimes the recognition (green text) indicates "arm" and sometimes "one". I can't get it to recognise "on". I read somewhere that the speech and language defaults have to be the same. I have my language set to Swedish because I use a swedish keyboard. Could that be significant. I enclose a link to some screen shots which may be of use. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ywo72afhfay2c79/AABDGnjMUkK6ClKQgVCGNENca?dl=0 JSMcWilliam
  2. OK - followed your map and now have the speech properties/recognition window: Microsoft Speech Recogniser 8.0 (English - UK). I have English - US as default and tried to change this to English - UK in Settings/Speech but it defaults back to the US version so I changed the Recogniser option to English - US. In the Speech Properties Window I cannot delete my profile. New and Train Profile are available so I could perhaps overwrite the existing profile. I ran the Train Profile option. None of the Settings are selected and the mic seems to be active (Realtek High Definition Audio). Finally, I after restart, I ran the sim with the Majestic Q400, started FS2Crew and proceeded to the Before Start Checklist. When I got to "Fasten Seat Belts Switch" and responded with "ON" this was not recognised. "Set and Checked" worked! JSMcWilliam.
  3. Hi Bryan, I have a problem trying to open the Speech Recognition feature of Windows 10. The icon appears with the text "Starting Speech Recognition" and after a few seconds the text changes to "OFF". I have tried openning the feature in the Control Panel but when I click on the option nothing happens. I then tried through Start/Settings/Speech/Microphone/Getting Started to troubleshoot the problem. I chose the options: - Setting up the mic., Cortana can't hear me, Microphone (Realtek High Definition)... I speak the text and get the answer: "Your mic might need to be setup" and then "Fixed", however, I still cannot get to the recognition training page. I have run FS2Crew along with P3Dv5.1 and the Majestic Q400 and it works normally but still has difficulty in accepting my pronunciation of "ON". I am using English (US) as the default language along with a Swedish keyboard. Help!! John McWilliam
  4. No, for some reason I have been using EU speech. JSMcWilliam
  5. I am a longterm used of FS2Crew under P3Dv5.1, using the aircraft PMDG 737 NGXu and the Majestic Q400. I have a consistent and irritating glitch which crops up regularly and does not improve with time. When my response to an item in a checklist is "ON" the program does not recognise me and I have to respond with "Set and Checked" in order to proceed - that is, 9 times out of ten. Every now and then I manage to get my intonation right and my response is accepted. Is there any way FS2Crew can lower the tolerance level for my pronunciation of "ON" (Scottish) or is this a problem for Microsoft? JSMcWilliam
  6. I fly with P3Dv5.1 under Windows 10 and with FS2Crew and VOXATC. This question applies to both the Q400 and the PMDG 737 NGXu. Having entered a flightplan including a cruise altitude I am given altitude clearances from VOXATC - both during the climb and the descent. I then use FS2Crew, "Set FL XXX", to set the new altitude clearance in the autopilot. Every now and again I get the response from FS2Crew: "Are you sure?" I then have to set the new altitude manually. Is there any explanation for this? JSMcWilliam
  7. Still no update of Rex Textures for P3D v5.1 I have ASP3D and am not happy with the visuals which are hazy and lack distinct clouds. Is there an alternative, for example, can REX Weather Force provide a better experience? John McWilliam
  8. Sorry for the late reply. I followed the suggestions given above concerning P3DV5 options/info and options/sound. But what really helped was the following: Additional information to note from 18-12-01 to try and improve balance between PMDG 737 NGXu sounds and VoxATC. 1. Reduced engine sound to 25% in FMS Simulation settings for sound. 2. Via Windows Control Panel/Sound/Manage audio devices choose Communications and change "Reduce volume of other sounds by 80%" to "Do nothing". John McWilliam
  9. Both replies were usefull, now I have a better balance between Vox and PMDG sounds. Thank you for the advise. John McWilliam
  10. I run Vox ATC 7.43 together with P3Dv5 under Windows 10 and have a problem when listening to ATC voice responses. I have maximised the volumes in Voxatc/voice configuration and have reduced the engine volume setting in my PMDG 737 NGXu to 25% This has not solved the problem and I cannot hear the ATIS readout or the VoxATC responses unless I press Q to mute all PMDG sounds. When I do this I can communicate with Vox and can also hear my Fs2Crew responses. There is a similar problem with GSX. During pushback I cannot hear the instructions from the ground crew - "set brakes" - unless I press Q. Any suggestions appreciated. There is a earlier question on the forum dealing with voice input but this does not seem to be a problem for me. John McWilliam
  11. Thanks for the response - the conflict is no longer a problem.
  12. I run P3Dv5 under Windows 10 and have just updated to ASP3D and VoxATC 7.43. I have completed a maiden flight and all seemed to work normally, however, listening to ATIS at the start of the flight I hear the Vox version first and get info on the active start and landing runways etc., then the report is repeated - a different voice - with slightly different details. This second report is then repeated until I change frequency. The active runways , wind, Qnh though different matched the AS data. The taxi instructions sent me happily to the Vox designated runway. At the end of the flight the Vox landing info now matched the AS data. At the beginning of the flight there would appear to be a conflict between Vox, P3DV5 and AS which sorts itself out towards the end of the flight. Why is the ATIS report read from two different sources and is there a way to suppress the erroneous one? John McWilliam
  13. I cannot get FS2Crew to respond to my called when flying a missed approach. I run P3Dv4,5 under Windows 10 and from the FS2Crew manual I have gleaned the following proceedure: GO AROUND PROCEDURES 1.Adv. thr., Press GA 2.FS2Crew: BEFORE LANDING MISSED APPR, CHECK POWER, FLAPS 10 (15) 3.FO: POSITIVE RATE GEAR UP 4.400 AGL SEL HGD SEL (SEL NAV), SEL ALT SEL 5.Accel. alt. FLAPS 0, IAS 185, CL CHK LISTLISTTO THE LINE After 1. there is no reponse to my calls at 2. At this point the AP is OFF and I am flying manually. I say "Missed approach, check power, Flaps 10" Sometimes there is a response that my speed is too high, sometimes I get Flaps 10. Then when I say "Gear up" nothing happens! Can anyone advise? John
  14. I run P3Dv4.5 with Orbx Global and Navgraph. I find when flying into EGCC that the gates and taxiways do not match the instructions given by the ATC. Reading about the update to P3Dv5 I note that it includes a scenery update. Now I am uncertain as to whether this update would solve my problem. What is the relationship between the P3D scenery and Orbx Global. Does Orbx Global dictate how the airport scenery is depicted overriding the P3D scenery? If that is so then I must either buy more up to date scenery for EGCC or hope that Orbx will update their scenery files. John
  15. Thanks for the input. Right now I am worried as to the security of the pgm files. After installing I got a security warning that I had "TrojanGenericKD.42825397" in my system and I had to back everything to an earlier HD backup in order to get rid of it. I can't be sure that it came from OBS Studio, howerer, it is a possibility. John
  16. I have just downloaded the OBS Studio and followed the quickstart instructions. I run P3Dv4.5 under Winsows 10. I started the sim in the default scenario and in its own window, ran OBS and pressed start recording, left it for a minute and then stoped the recording. The screen was black all the time, however, there seemed to be sound recorded. How do I get the sim image into OBS?
  17. I repeated my flight ESSA/ENGM today and noted the following. After departing ESSA and passing TL I set my pressure to 1000 hpa instead to 1013. My descent clearance into ENGM to FL70 worked without repeated requests to descend immediately to FL70. I was then cleared to FL45. This was also accepted by ATC. The TL is FL70 so would have expected to be cleared to an altitude and not a FL. I was subsequently cleared to FL35 for the approach but chose to set local pressure Q0981 and this did not cause any problems presumeably because I was close to the localisor and glide path. There are inaccuracies in all this but I understand how to handle it and it is manageable. When I have time I can tinker with FSUIPC but it is really out of my depth to do this! John
  18. Did a new flight ESSA-ENGM and was cleared down to FL 70 but had to stop at 7200 in order to satisfy ATC. I was then clears to FL45 - note not altitude 4500 inspite of the TL of 7000. Again I had to stop att 4800 in order to satisfy ATC. I was then cleared to altitude 3500 and using local pressure found that this worked. I need to repeat this flight in order to confirm the above.
  19. I ran the Orbx Global Vector auto configuration after installing Mega's ENGM and reindexed Vox but forgot to choose apply. I have done this again and did a flight ESMQ-ESSA. My altitude instructions worked so now I have to test ENGM just to make sure all is well.
  20. Hi jabloom! Good to hear from you again. We had a long discussion concerning fatal errors on approaching ENGM which I initially hoped you had fixed with an adjusted bgl file. Unfortunately, there were other problems I had not noticed - my EFB was not giving me the ILS frequencies for landing. In the end I decided to bite the bullet and invest in Mega Airports version of ENGM. Some one down the line had suggested that it was the best solution. It fixed everything with the exception of this altutude problem and since I have been having the same problem with ESSA there must be a more global background to the question. I ran the Orbx Global Vector auto configuration and reindexed Vox but this did not help. Your thoughts.... John
  21. As stated above: Where: ESSA - ENGM, approaching ESBA I am asked to descent to FL90. Shortly after levelling I am asked repeatedly to "descent immediately to FL90". My solution was to gradually continue descending at 100 ft intervals until ATC was satisfied (8,500 ft) and stopped calling for an immediate descent. The other scenario (ESMQ-ESSA) was after descending to the requested FL I was asked to climb immediately to that FL. In this case I continued to climb at 100 ft intervals until ATC was satisfied (FL+600ft).
  22. I run P3D4.5 under Windows 10 and have just started flying the Q400 again after many months on the PMDG NGXu. I have Orbx Global scenery and the 2001 Navgraph Cycle installed. Also Active Sky and VoxATC 7.42. On my two first flights I have been given clearances to descent to a lower flight level (pressure is STD 1013hp) for my approach, however, when I get there Vox continues to pester me with "...descend immediately to FL XX". I tried changing to local pressure as given by Active Sky but this did not help. Then I did a stepwise descent to FL XX - 100, -200, etc and at -600 Vox seemed to be satisfied and stopped its transmissions. This has happenned at both airports in question - in the later case I was asked to climb to the assigned altitude and did a similar stepwise ascent to FL XX +100, +200 etc until Vox was satisfied. Anyone out there with an idea of what is going on here. John
  23. I run FSiPanel v3.4 under P3Dv4.5 and Windows 10. I have recently installed the latest update of the Q400 (1.20b) and have a problem similar to the above. I cannot figure out what I am missing. Any suggestions?
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