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  1. jsmcwilliam

    No FO voice

    I run P3DV4 unders Windows 10 and have just had to repair my P3DV4 Client and Content files. When I tried to start FS2Crew for my PMDG 737 I have background sound but the audio test does not produce any sound and the flight officers voice is absent. I use a headset and have set my audio output to "Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) in both FS2Crew cfg and P3DV4 sound but this has not helped. FS2Crew is set for voice and the system check shows no errors. The Windows 10 Realtek HD Audio Manager has speaker config set to Stereo and the test produces sound in both L & R headphones. I have also tried setting these to Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) -same result. Can some kind soul give me the info necessary to overcome this problem. John McWilliam
  2. jsmcwilliam

    Mr John McWilliam

    Thanks for the response. 1. Checked the manual and the response is under Before Start Checklist: "Free and Zero",however, this does not register as green text and I have to use "Set & Checked" to get past this. Not a major problem. 2. OK 3. OK Thanks again.
  3. jsmcwilliam

    Mr John McWilliam

    1. I run under Windows10 and have recently upgraded to P3DV4 with the assoc. PMDG 737 and FS2Crew. During the before start checklist when asked for Rudder and Aileron Trim there was no response. The response: Set and Checked got me past the problem. 2. Into the Initial Climb I was asked twice if the I was "Happy to release the cabin". After that no problem. 3. After setting STD pressure there was a repeating voice: "Altimeter setting". I managed to stop that by switching to local pressure and back a couple of times. Your comments would be interesting! John McWilliam
  4. jsmcwilliam

    PMDG 737ngx upgrade FSX to P3D

    I love this aircraft and have flown it for several years on FSX. Now I have aquired Prepar3D and wonder if I must purchase this addon again - it looks so on the webb site - or is there any reduction for FSX owners? John
  5. The FO preflight is completed normally as are the successive checklists. The problem is with the FA who never appears and delivery of the load sheet, closing the cabin and external doors etc. If I do these manually the flight can be completed normally.
  6. I have been running the latest version for about two weeks and note the following in connection with a short turn around: 1. The cabin crew do not appear i.e. they don´t ask if they can start boarding and are absent throughout the the flight 2. Load sheets are not delivered 3. Doors are not closed The FO seems to function fine and the flight can be performed in spite of the missing cabin crew. I note that someone else has a problem with the FO, however, this may be a different problem requiring a different approach.
  7. I run FSX-acceleration on a Windows 7 (64-bit) PC and am learning the Q400 together with FS2Crew. I have an irritating reply on one of the checklists which wants to confirm that the APU is OFF. I do this by pressing the PWR button on the APU which I understand is the correct method, however, FS2Crew always comes back at me with "Are you sure?" Why, what have I omitted.? /JSMcWilliam/
  8. jsmcwilliam

    HGS stopped functioning

    I fly NGX 800/900 WL frequently and I have never had this problem before and have been using it successfully together with FS2Crew and FSiPanel. After Installing the Majestic Q400 and its FS2Crew as well assoc. Navgraph data it has ceased to give guidance information. Should I reinstall or is there another explanation? jsmcwilliam
  9. jsmcwilliam

    JS41 PFPX

    Copied some data onto the spreadsheet for you to check out before I continue. There did not seem to be a way of saving the changes so I don't know if you will get them. Sent a mail at the same time but uncertain if it goes to the right person and for that reason am write you again here. Questions: 1. In order to get my gross weight down to 15000 lbs I had to remove all passengers and bagage and could not carry enough fuel to get to FL260 (200l). I topped up after reaching FL230 with 60l and had 47l still in the tank at FL260. Is this the right procedure? 2. Unsure whether ASN installed the right ISA profile. The cabin indicated a TAT of -37C at FL260 and according to my manual profile in ASN I should have had -42.5 at FL240 and -54.4 at FL300 i.e. approx --45C. however, this may be a misunderstanding on my part. How can I check this and should FSX weather be set up for "User defined weather"? JSMcWilliam (SAS1629)
  10. jsmcwilliam

    JS41 PFPX

    Thanks again. I think I can start now and plan to begin with 15000 lbs@98%. It will take me a few runs to finetune the procedure so don't expect any results to be posted for a day or two. JSMcWilliam (SAS1629)
  11. jsmcwilliam

    JS41 PFPX

    JSMcWilliam: Thanks - I seem to have the weather setup under control now and have found the other pages in the spreadsheet. Next question concerns weight: 1. Do I adjust this in the weight and balance calculator by changing no. of passengers, bagage amount until I get the right figure for ZFW or, as seems more likely, in the FMC planning section by adjusting the Basic OP Wt. so that the Gross Wt matches the weight I want. 2. Do you start recording of fuel burn and time when the throttles are increased or at lift off. 3. For 98% recordings I assume you have 100% until flaps up (about 1500 ft) and then adjust the condition levels to 98% and establish clb speed. This means that the plane is not properly configured until 2000 ft at the earliest. This may sound finicky but it's the details that matter. JSMcWilliam (SAS1629)
  12. jsmcwilliam

    JS41 PFPX

    I would like to help but have several questions concerning the weather setup using ASN. 1. Could you check out my manual ASN settings below and let me know if they are correct for ISA +10. (tried to include an image but this was not possible. Station: EKYT Precipitation: none Visability: 9999 Thunderstorms: none Pressure: 0998 (should this be 1013) Bypass synthesis: unchecked All winds set to 000/0 Temps from ISA Calculator for all altitudes METAR: EKYT 201846Z 00000KT 9999 NOSIG 25/00 Q0998 RMK EDITED WEATHER 2. The other questions I have concern weight. The published speadsheet does not tell me which weight is linked to the data set there. I suspect the it is 15,000 lbs@100%. It would therefore seem reasonable for me to start collecting data for 15,000 lbs@98% or jump to 17,000 lbs. Please give me your preference. I am a keen pilot of the J41 and understand the need to establish it among the PFPX profiles. I fly with the Scandinavian VA and look forward to hearing from you. JSMcWilliam,