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  1. jsmcwilliam

    VoxATC 7.42 volume control

    Thanks for that. I corrected the sound source in the sim settings and turned off "voice". Now it works and I can hear everything. John
  2. jsmcwilliam

    VoxATC 7.42 volume control

    Followed the above suggestion but the VoxATC voices still cannot be heard unless the sim sound is turned off. Moving the sliders to the right in Voice Configuration did not, therefore, solve the problem. When I listen to ATIS it is the sim voice I hear. If I turn the sim sound off I hear the VoxATC voice!! I can turn the sim voice off in the sim settings, however, it is not then possible the hear ATIS at all. There seems to be a conflict regarding the sound output to my earphones and whereas the sim sounds work even together with FS2Crew this is not the case with VoxATC. To date turning the sim sound off seems to be the only solution, however, this is not very realistic. Any further comments will be gratefully received. John
  3. jsmcwilliam

    VoxATC 7.42 volume control

    Thanks, should have seen that option. John
  4. I’m new to this program and have difficulty in hearing ATC - I have to turn sim sound off (Q) in order to understand ATC. I have minimised voice and engine sounds in P3Dv4 but this has not helped. I use FS2Crew and can adjust it’s volume to be heard over other background noises and would like to be able to do the same in VoxATC. Any suggestions? I run under Windows 10 with headphones, no speakers. John
  5. jsmcwilliam

    Fs2Crew and Pilot2Atc

    Could you explain that in more detail John McWilliam
  6. jsmcwilliam

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    I have been struggling to get VoxAtc 7.42 up and running. The concept is good but there are too many problems with it - bugs, poor support, conflicts with other programs etc. The manual didn’t explain how to create a flight plan very well but in the end I managed to solve the conundrum by creating a .pln file in pfpx and importing it into the flight planner in P3Dv4 and from there loading it into my scenario. The end result was a reasonably successful IFR flight with my Q400 in P3Dv4 with Active Sky, Ultimate Traffic 2, EFB 2, EZCA and FS2Crew. It started at a standard airport (esmq). I found I had to start FS2Crew first otherwise I lost the voices of the copilot, cabin crew etc. It ended at an Orbx airport (essa). As soon as I left the runway VoxATC went silent so I never got taxi instructions or a gate - was this a conflict with the scenery file? I then tried a flight from my FlyTampa Copenhagen Airport. I followed the above flight planning procedure but as soon as I enabled VoxATC I lost contact with FS2Crew - scenery problem? So now I am on the verge of abandonning VoxATC and returning to live VATSIM. The alternatives Pilot2ATC, VoxPro X etc try to do much and not as well as the addons listed above. Reliable and consistent ATC is all that is missing in my cocktail of addons and VoxATC seemed to be the answer. Maybe further developement will make this an attractive option. John McWilliam
  7. jsmcwilliam

    Fs2Crew and Pilot2Atc

    Does anyone know how to run these two programs with one mic? I have a remote setup for Pilot2Atc which demands a mic on that machine wheras Fs2Crew which runs on the sim pc requires the mic to be plugged in there! John
  8. jsmcwilliam

    Pilot2ATC on Networked Machine

    Is there anyone out there who has a remote setup of p2atc and runs FS2Crew. I would be interested to know how this is done. FS2Crew requires the mic to be plugged into the sim pc whereas P2Atc requires the mic to be plugged into the remote. John
  9. jsmcwilliam

    No FO voice

    I run P3DV4 unders Windows 10 and have just had to repair my P3DV4 Client and Content files. When I tried to start FS2Crew for my PMDG 737 I have background sound but the audio test does not produce any sound and the flight officers voice is absent. I use a headset and have set my audio output to "Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio) in both FS2Crew cfg and P3DV4 sound but this has not helped. FS2Crew is set for voice and the system check shows no errors. The Windows 10 Realtek HD Audio Manager has speaker config set to Stereo and the test produces sound in both L & R headphones. I have also tried setting these to Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio) -same result. Can some kind soul give me the info necessary to overcome this problem. John McWilliam
  10. jsmcwilliam

    Mr John McWilliam

    Thanks for the response. 1. Checked the manual and the response is under Before Start Checklist: "Free and Zero",however, this does not register as green text and I have to use "Set & Checked" to get past this. Not a major problem. 2. OK 3. OK Thanks again.
  11. jsmcwilliam

    Mr John McWilliam

    1. I run under Windows10 and have recently upgraded to P3DV4 with the assoc. PMDG 737 and FS2Crew. During the before start checklist when asked for Rudder and Aileron Trim there was no response. The response: Set and Checked got me past the problem. 2. Into the Initial Climb I was asked twice if the I was "Happy to release the cabin". After that no problem. 3. After setting STD pressure there was a repeating voice: "Altimeter setting". I managed to stop that by switching to local pressure and back a couple of times. Your comments would be interesting! John McWilliam
  12. jsmcwilliam

    PMDG 737ngx upgrade FSX to P3D

    I love this aircraft and have flown it for several years on FSX. Now I have aquired Prepar3D and wonder if I must purchase this addon again - it looks so on the webb site - or is there any reduction for FSX owners? John
  13. The FO preflight is completed normally as are the successive checklists. The problem is with the FA who never appears and delivery of the load sheet, closing the cabin and external doors etc. If I do these manually the flight can be completed normally.
  14. I have been running the latest version for about two weeks and note the following in connection with a short turn around: 1. The cabin crew do not appear i.e. they don´t ask if they can start boarding and are absent throughout the the flight 2. Load sheets are not delivered 3. Doors are not closed The FO seems to function fine and the flight can be performed in spite of the missing cabin crew. I note that someone else has a problem with the FO, however, this may be a different problem requiring a different approach.
  15. I run FSX-acceleration on a Windows 7 (64-bit) PC and am learning the Q400 together with FS2Crew. I have an irritating reply on one of the checklists which wants to confirm that the APU is OFF. I do this by pressing the PWR button on the APU which I understand is the correct method, however, FS2Crew always comes back at me with "Are you sure?" Why, what have I omitted.? /JSMcWilliam/