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  1. kawaiipoint2

    PMDG 777 Liveries - Goldstar Textures

    It would be awesome if the special United 787 livery got applied to the 777.. That would be beautiful
  2. No doubt that the biggest, baddest and most powerful engine with be modeled for the B77L on initial release because the B77W use the same engine.
  3. kawaiipoint2

    Aerosim 787-8 Repaint Thread

    I for the life of me can not figure out how to install those liveries. They are the exact ones Ive been wanting for weeks now! (JAL Standard livery and ANA 787 Promo) I have the texture folders, but they do not come with the text that needs to be put in the .CFG. Can someone help?
  4. kawaiipoint2

    Do you want the 777-200/ER?

    I don't see why people really want the 772 that much vs the 77L. The 200LR is a far more superior aircraft. It has the best engines ever made (GE90-115B) I know that is my opinion) and the wings looks so much better with the extended raking on the tips. (also my own opinion) HOWEVER, the 200ER is a fine plane in its own manner. I personally only like it with the GE90s, but the P&Ws and Trents are incredible pieces of power as well. The only real reason why I lean towards the GEs is because that extra 3,700 and 15,500 pounds of thrust really do help tremendously. Remember everyone, if the 772 gets modeled, it might mean more time before release. I cant wait for PMDG's 777 though. I am an avid supporter and have been following its progress since the beginning. Keep the updates coming guys! Godspeed! :drinks: