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  1. Hi, when I switch to DX10 on FSX-SE I have a bluish logo with the inscription Microsoft floating in the sky near the sun, Steve's fixer can solve the problem. I also have the black squares at the street lights, but the fixer fixes it. Greetings
  2. betampona

    Airliner ( a321 ) flight...

    Hello, I do not know if all the functionalities of the A321 are operational, but I say congratulations for the integration in FSW. I also saw in your list of planes a PMDG. Maybe a very explicit tutorial to come. Greetings. Dominique
  3. betampona

    Feature request: Scenery-only view

    Hello, to register in camera.cfg (AppData, Roaming), I found the same views as in FSX-SE, for me it is perfect. It remains that Dovetail to add these lines. Greetings. Dominique [CameraDefinition.001] Title = Cockpit Guid = {B1386D92-4782-4682-A137-738E25D1BAB5} Description = 2D Cockpit View Origin = Cockpit ShowPanel=Yes SnapPbhAdjust=Swivel SnapPbhReturn=False PanPbhAdjust=Swivel PanPbhReturn=False Track=None ShowAxis=Yes AllowZoom=TRUE InitialZoom=1.0 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ShowWeather=Yes XyzAdjust=TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category=Cockpit HotKeySelect=2
  4. News of this new simulator? It has been more than a month since the announcement appeared and since nothing more.