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  1. We will be doing a multiplayer flight tonight in MSFS 2020, all are welcome to join. If you want to join our voice communications click here: https://discord.gg/fyWX3Ep If you have never used Discord before here are setup instructions: https://www.msflights.net/forum/forum/general-forums/general-discussion/5351-how-to-setup-discord-voice-communication-software This flight is very casual, we will not be using ATC or real life flight rules. It will probably be 10-20 people flying from point A to B in close proximity. To see more information or other flights we will host please visit msFlights.net Time: Friday Aug 21 @ 9pm EDT. We will be visiting the Appalachian mountains in Virginia to see how they look in the new simulator. Flight plan: KROA>KHSP>KROA Aircraft: I will be flying the Cessna 152 or 172 Server Settings: Selects USA EAST, along with ALL Players in the flight conditions pages. Depending what time it is when we are done, we may visit nearby West Virginia's Greenbrier Valley (KLWB) and explore if the Greenbrier resort is modeled nicely.
  2. Here's the flight plan for Wednesday night 9pm EST [2017.2.16 02:00 UTC]: KDKX>KRHP>KAVL [HOPS02.pln: http://tinyurl.com/MSF-flightplans] Please stop by, all are welcome to attend :smile:
  3. Join us Wednesday February 15th @ 9pm EST [2017.2.16 02:00 UTC] for a couple short hops. We will use JoinFS which is a cross platform multiplayer client that allows users of FSX Classic, Steam, and P3D to fly in the same server! Follow these simple instructions to get setup in a couple minutes: http://msflights.net/forum/showthread.php?5637-JoinFS-Quick-Start&p=26706#post26706 If you desire, join our voice communication server using Discord. Setup is quick, free, and includes a free mobile app if you desire. Setup instructions: http://msflights.net/forum/showthread.php?5156-How-to-setup-Discord-%28voice-communication-software%29&p=24478#post24478 Flights are very casual, no need to call out positions or follow ATC rules. All we ask is to be courteous and kind to other pilots. Server: JoinFS Departing: 9pm EST [2017.2.16 02:00 UTC] Aircraft: ANY aircraft up to the size of a DC3 Cruise Speed: ~150kts Flight Plan: TBD [-.pln: http://tinyurl.com/MSF-flightplans] (virtual airliner route #: ---) Flight plan will be updated in a couple days. For more details or questions please visit http://msflights.net/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=1816&day=2017-2-15 if you have questions, click the "View replies to this Event" link near the bottom right of the page.
  4. I posted the date on the msFlights calendar as requested for Thursday April 7th at 9am PST. This is a pretty awkward time so don't expect many people to beable to make this time. For maximum attendance I would recommend a Saturday or Sunday around 7pm UTC. http://msflights.net/forum/calendar.php?do=getinfo&e=1461
  5. Hello guys, Kalo here from msFlights.net. For a flight like this I would suggest a target cruise speed of around 160kts so people could fly general aviation or ww2 planes, alot of people seem more comfortable in general aviation aircraft. I threw together a sample route we could fly: KAVL>KTRI>KROA>KCHO to see it visually: https://skyvector.com/?ll=37.00650076239044,-80.38586425162273&chart=301&zoom=7&fpl=%20KAVL%20KAVL%20KTRI%20KROA%20KCHO%20KCHO This would be a scenic flight over the Appalachian mountains ending at Toms's Charlottesville airport, with a large group of people this would probably take around 2-2.5hrs. April 9th seems like it would be a good date as it's a Saturday, maybe around 3pm EST? That way it wouldn't be too early for west coast Americans, or too late for Europeans. As soon as you guys decide on a flight plan and date/time we could post it on the msFlights.net homepage/calendar (sooner the better). Feel free to use our teamspeak. Also would you want to fly this on a regular FSX classic server? Or would you want to fly this on a crossplatform server so that pilots using P3D, steam, and classic could all fly together? We dubbed the crossplatform software "SimLink", it uses vpilot, fsd, and some model matching files to work. If you would like to test SimLink out here is a post on how to set it up: http://msflights.net/forum/showthread.php?4832-SimLink-Quick-start
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