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  1. Maybe the 737MAX in not so far, maybe only weeks oder month ago ? Dennis Thiede
  2. Delta737

    New Planes Prediction

    737MAAAAAAAX, hoppefully .. :) best regards, Dennis
  3. Delta737

    Up next?

    Hopefully the 737Max with over 3000 oders in the real world. Dennis
  4. Delta737

    Whats after 747 v3? I have a suggestion

    The 737MAX have 3606 orders. This aircraft is a must-have for the simulator. best regards, Dennis Thiede
  5. Delta737

    Rumors about NGX V3

    737MAX !! :wub:
  6. Delta737

    The future of the NGX

    The Future ist hopfefully the 737 MAX :smile: best regards, Dennis Thiede
  7. I think many people waiting for the 737NGX SP2. I hope we see this after the 777-300