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  1. I used to get this crash ALL the time.. found out it was because of multiple monitors in my fsx.cfg when there was only one. Removed the second Display section, and now I've not seen that crash since.
  2. I see a lot of posts in this topic about getting money back for what microsoft pulled.. yet most places have policies preventing this.. In my opinion, I think that people should fight for a refund.. the more the better, and then in the future more companies will think against the "hit and run" tactic which is so commonplace today. Hype it, release half done product, take the money and run..
  3. This brings me to the thought of when FS9 and FSX first came out.. they were extremely slow on then current hardware. Does anyone really thing that a full fledged flight simulator 11 would be quicker? I hardly think so.. Flight was fast because it was the bare minimum. If in fact FS11 would come out.. with all these *requested features* it would start us all at ground zero.. even with overclocked monsters.. just like fs9 did and fsx did in the beginning. For me when FSX first came out.. I had a top of the line computer which was brought to its knees.. its funny, now that I get it running "satisfactory" everyones wishing for a new simulator. Me, I'm glad its working like I have always wanted it to. 25-30 fps with MAJOR realistic addons is just fine by me. If I run it stock it get 60 fps. In conclusion .. I'm glad that FSX was allowed to catch up to the hardware.. I'll be playing FSX into the foreseeable future.. especially with the likes of A2A, Orbx, Aerosoft and others.. breathing new life into it on a daily basis.. I see no need to jump ship.. just yet.. MS Flight, if anything, just spurred addon developers forward... as well as MS's competition. All in my humble opinion.
  4. Looking at the companies other offerings on the various Sim Stores tells me that it is a slightly modified version of the G1000 glass. I loved the meridian with the Avidyne from flight1 so much it was the first and only GA plane that I took on a 4 1/2 hour nonstop flight.. lol :) I'm a short hop person.. with hardly any time for the likes of a flight that lasts more than 1/2 an hour. Regarding the glass in this offering and a few others now..... one glass cockpit looks like another to me.. quality aside.. this cockpit has the same "glass" look as the Cessna Mustang. Dont get me wrong.. the F1 Cessna Mustang is leagues ahead and a LOT more money.. its the cockpit look I'm referring to.. three computer screens with same look and functionality.. I hope you understand what I mean.. Soon planes will just be one "computer screen" with touch controls... and will have lost all sense of character, at least on the inside.
  5. Its funny.. how this looks like the cockpit of quite a few aircraft.. these Garmin glass cockpits really are taking the individuality away from cockpits... I hope that they come up with more unique navigation glass in the future..as a whole. When I saw this post.. I was expecting the avidyne like the flight 1 meridian.. which still looks lightyears ahead of this model cockpit.. boy do I wish that worked in FSX x64. Just my 2 cents.. this aircraft looks quite "generic"...for my tastes. I have to agree with the suspicions that this looks like the G1000 glass from fs..
  6. Whether they do or not does not change the simple fact that it errors out modifying a flight sim file.. and in the end messes it up. its much smaller than my orignal xml file.. and the only other program to mess with the file was Aerosoft Manhattan. thankfully when it did .. it made a backup.. which saved my xml file. If they are going to mess with integral FS files.. then it should be done right, if not initially, at least with a patch and a fix for the file, and not shrugged off after a year of reports. In my Humble Opinion of course.
  7. This XML error has been going on for quite a while.. posts over a year old on their forums.. regarding it. I've even posted about it. Seems they do not want to fix it.
  8. I have not minded most of the configurations in the payware that I have purcased in the past or currently.. accept this.. right clicking that brings up the danged FS menu cause I"m a pixel off. I absolutely loathe that.
  9. I may not understand your post fully.. do you want to the addon craft to start cold and dark .. or with engines running, ready to go?
  10. I have to say that both aircraft are absolutely fantastic... I hesitated buying any of realair aircraft, and that was a big mistake. I bought the SF260 and then the B60, after that I did not even hesitate to buy the Turbine. Even then the B60 was one of the more immersive experiences I have ever had in FS. The tubine as well, to an even greater degree. I have this to say about them both. . The B60 is like an old loud muscle car.. and the turbine is like a newer supercar.. Both are fantastic in their own right. I would not hesitate in buying either one.. or even both... they are works of art, and work quite flawlessly.
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