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  1. Okay. I've had a chance to finally get down to this. I uninstalled Comodo and installed ZoneAlarm. GNS loads correctly.. ZoneAlarm asks and everything works, I did not have to do anything special, in advanced mode. Also uninstalled both Reality XP and f1 versions. Uninstalled the trainers.. reinstalled just the new Trainer, as well as the GNS sims. Seems to be working great so far. I wonder what Comodo blocks even when 'off'. Strange cause I had it all disabled, even exited it .. etc.. still wouldn't let the Trainer function correctly. I wonder what the beef is with it. Thanks for everyones assistance.
  2. I'll try to disable and/or uninstall the firewall and attempt again.
  3. Got around to checking this out.. updated my trainer to the currently downloaded one.. DLL issues loading the trainer as usual. Updated the GTN reality-xp software for x-plane, ended up with a blank screen.. nothing at all for the GTN 750, either intergrated into an aircraft or loaded on its own. Removed the new trainer and used the original 6.x version. Garmin loads just fine. So still doesn't work for me.. and even if it did .. it would break the f1 version for my fsx/p3dv4. Unless there is some other troubleshooting for blank screen.. there's no toast here. The older trainer can still be used as a fallback at the very least, thankfully. Thanks for all the effort.
  4. Okay.. I'll try it out. :) Thanks for all your work and I hope it works okay.
  5. I have not messed with Xplane since the new update for it.. was waiting for the fire to die down a bit. Its good that you guys are working on it on your end.. however shouldn't this problem be solved with the trainer itself. Using both the reality-xp and the f1 at the same time is going to be quite a hasstle.. if you guys fix it on your end but f1 doesn't I wonder why garmin has left this error for so long.
  6. Yes.. and this is happening with the newer version of F1 version as well. Only with the newer trainer.. the 6.2x I've installed seems to work .. Sorry for the long response time. This most certainly is a trainer issue..
  7. Are the Vertical Reality Simulations update servers working for anyone else? Thanks in advance.
  8. I've read through this entire thread. This same issue is happening to me with windows 7. Not entirely sure it is specific to windows 10.
  9. Evening, Just tonight, I downloaded the updates to all my owned PMDG craft. All the installations went quite well, bar one. The 737NGX expansion pack upon running the installation does not give me the option to select which version of FSX to install to like the other installations did. The area where the other craft installations displayed the selection boxes are blank. It then errors out saying it cannot find the steam edition? The 800 installed correctly.. the 777 installed correctly.. this one on the other hand. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Adam Blanchette
  10. I could be wrong.. but what I got out of the press release.. is that they will distribute FSX on steam.. its the flight engine that they will be toying with.. I'm sure.
  11. Just wow. Dovetail games has slowly destroyed, in my opinion, the train sim franchise. Each version that was forced upon people via STEAM has been more buggier than the last. They turned a decent train simulation into a ad infested DLC gateway. This does not bode well for the franchise... DTG games support is absolutely terrible. They go to great lengths to hush people who speak out about the product and its extreme years old bugs. Anyone looking forward to bugfixes in the flight/FSX engines are deluding themselves. DTG mainly consists of suits from EA and graphics artists. They do not know how to fix train simulator, they certainly are not going to be able to fix Flight/FSX. They see it as a DLC gateway... nothing more. Out of all the passionate flight sim companies... this could not have gone into more wrong hands.
  12. Knowing their current pricing model.. Imagine how much the tackle box/fish species will cost when they get done bleeding people ...
  13. Reality XP uses the garmin trainer, and is basically a exact rendition of the GNS. Yes the database is very old, however one nice feature I like about is labels. You can see road, lake, river, mountain names among many others. The Simflyer version is a souped up FSX version, so it uses the built in fsx airport database, like the FSX version does. So its limited to the approaches, navaids, etc... that are added to FSX. Not sure you can add approaches to fsx database. I still love my Reality-XP version for it doing just about what the real thing does .. minus actually grabbing the sattelites. The database is old, I know, though there is a way to uipdate the database a few years newer grabbing the datafile from a newer GNS trainer... So if you update the afcad, the Simflyer version does reflect runway changes etc.. however, again, its limited to fsx data. With the Reality XP version, you get a very faithful reproduction, as it runs off the real trainer software. Though both databases are limited quite a bit.
  14. I was having this problem with I had Accufeel enabled.. perhaps you have that? I disabled AIR effects. Also I had this issue when I used REX.. switched to ASN and have not seen it since.
  15. I have the FSDT airport, I understand what you are saying.. but either way shouldn't the VNAV at least take it down to my set alt .. no matter what? Not nosedive into the ground? I looked into the fsdt afcad.. and it is default.. extending it however would still put it above my descent path.. no? EDIT: tried editing the afcad.. ADE will only let me set it to 30nm.
  16. Hi.. I do not receive localizer or glideslope till around Shell.. looking at the descent path with the display on the PMDG 737NGX the plane does a nosedive -before- glideslope intercept. I do not remember if I intercepted the localizer, though I believe I did. I am using vnav/LOC all the way to G/S intercept., I do not even have time to intercept the glideslope before the plane nosedives... mind you .. there are no disconnects, with the autopilot, LOC, or any of the modes. Not even 1/3 mile before glideslope intercept is when it nosedives, forcing me to go into V/S mode and correct before the plane crashes. Looking at the approach plates for 25R I notice intercept is at FOGLA. I do not even get that far. EDIT: I'm using FS2Crew voice.. and when he says LOCALIZER alive I intercept.. as its basically a straight in approach.. then when he says G/S alive. I'm under the interception.. on my descent from SHELL to FOGLA.. just before I can intercept, right before FOGLA the plane starts its nosedive of death. Unless I'm wrong.. I'm under the impression that I cannot intercept the G/S while it is above. might be wrong here. So I wait till its in the center of the display, not above.. before I intercept. Can I intercept when I'm under the G/S or no.. either way.. I do not believe that the plane should be nosediving before the G/S intercept. On a different subject.. On my descent, no winds, I am having a hard time slowing the plane down, always getting "drag required" even with speedbrakes on as far as they will go, I usually end up with a cannot achieve on the fms and end up having to manually correct. I thought this was not supposed to happen with no wind, just with a major tailwind or crosswind with no winds entered in.
  17. Hello, I recently did a trip from Las Vegas KLAS to Los Angeles KLAX, using departures and arrivals as follows. 25R Departure 25R Arrival Using BOACH4.HEC ... HEC.RIIVR2 All goes well until approach, where at SHELL, the plane just starts to dive into the ground, no disconnects, or mode changes. I have to quickly go into Vertical Speed and set it to not crash. Monitoring the approach, the descent path is perfect, well at least until SHELL. Hopefully this is user error here. I tried the same flight twice to the same end. And insight to this problem would be greatly appreciated. Adam Blanchette
  18. Graphically. ?? I just have to say A2A puts a lot of love into their models, inside and out.. as does Realair... but I have to stand with A2A on this one.. the VC is top notch.. really give a feeling of being there. Also the framerates of the A2A models are really really good, especially when you consider just how good the VC looks.
  19. A2A models earlier versions of the spitfire MKI and MKII models. RealAir spits are much newer models, MKIX and MKXIV I own a lot of Realair aircraft, but do not own their models of the spitfire. I do however own the A2A models... and I totally recommend them. However Realair is top notch.. I might consider purchasing their spits in the future. That said, the first aircraft from A2A I purchased was the spitfire, and since then I've purchased all their Accusim aircraft, excluding the P-40, and the Piper Cub. They are quite good, now I wish ALL my aircraft were accusim. I would even purchase each of my payware titles again, if they were to add accusim type simulation to them. Also A2A keeps updating their Accu-sim product, and each time they update it, currently 1.5.. it affects the Spit, P-40, P-51 at the same time.. and now they have a P-51 civilian model which is also updated with each accu-sim update. I have spent quite a bit on A2A, and have not regretted a single penny. Again, though, A2A spits, especially with Accusim addition, are quite a bit to handle, required a bit of reading, and operate quite close to the real thing, in my opinion. If you are looking for an easier plane to fly consider just the base A2A plane. If you are looking for newer models consider the Realair Spits. Though they were released in 2008... and A2A's models were released Jan 2011. All in my opinion Adam
  20. Hi, I purchased my copy from PC Aviator and I was wondering how to obtain the new update? Adam Blanchette
  21. I agree Andrew, she does have a fine voice. Bryan, thank you again for quick response and a path to a resolution to this matter... money well spent. I'm having a lot of fun with the software. Adam
  22. You know.. after hearing that you had a hard time hearing the FA .. I tried adjusting my volumes .. but neither one has ANY effect. Any insight on this issue?
  23. I had all volumes at 50 percent.. hmmm. I also use a headset.. so that might make a difference. either way.. it was loud enough to hear at 50 percent in flightsim settings. as well as 50 percent in the interface. Thank you for your consideration.. I was hoping that it was a wav file so I could edit it out myself.. but they are all packed. Again thanks for fixing it in a future edition. Adam
  24. I have purchased a few versions of fs2crew in the past.. and this is BY FAR the best interface I've seen yet.. blows the rest out of the water. I've not gotten around to trying the voice commander version out yet.. but that said. I do have *ONE* major annoyance with this software. When the passengers are loading.. I hear.. "Let me take your coat. Thank you... Sorry... " over and over and over and over and over. If it didnt include the SORRY... I think it would have been fine.. could there at least be 3 or so different recordings instead of this one repeated. I'm not even sure its the word sorry, but it being repeated is wearing on my psyche. LOL After about the 5th time I was getting rather annoyed . Can this be fixed in a future update please. Most of the other issues I've had have already been covered. Although I've been asked "I'm ready for the checklist. and the only one is the before start, and I cannot even do that till the passengers are done loading, any pointers on this issue? Again .. thanks for some fine software, fine interface, just could use a little fine tuning with the voices. Adam.
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