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  1. Okay. I've had a chance to finally get down to this. I uninstalled Comodo and installed ZoneAlarm. GNS loads correctly.. ZoneAlarm asks and everything works, I did not have to do anything special, in advanced mode. Also uninstalled both Reality XP and f1 versions. Uninstalled the trainers.. reinstalled just the new Trainer, as well as the GNS sims. Seems to be working great so far. I wonder what Comodo blocks even when 'off'. Strange cause I had it all disabled, even exited it .. etc.. still wouldn't let the Trainer function correctly. I wonder what the beef is with it. Thanks for everyones assistance.
  2. I'll try to disable and/or uninstall the firewall and attempt again.
  3. Got around to checking this out.. updated my trainer to the currently downloaded one.. DLL issues loading the trainer as usual. Updated the GTN reality-xp software for x-plane, ended up with a blank screen.. nothing at all for the GTN 750, either intergrated into an aircraft or loaded on its own. Removed the new trainer and used the original 6.x version. Garmin loads just fine. So still doesn't work for me.. and even if it did .. it would break the f1 version for my fsx/p3dv4. Unless there is some other troubleshooting for blank screen.. there's no toast here. The older trainer can still be used as a fallback at the very least, thankfully. Thanks for all the effort.
  4. Okay.. I'll try it out. :) Thanks for all your work and I hope it works okay.
  5. I have not messed with Xplane since the new update for it.. was waiting for the fire to die down a bit. Its good that you guys are working on it on your end.. however shouldn't this problem be solved with the trainer itself. Using both the reality-xp and the f1 at the same time is going to be quite a hasstle.. if you guys fix it on your end but f1 doesn't I wonder why garmin has left this error for so long.
  6. Yes.. and this is happening with the newer version of F1 version as well. Only with the newer trainer.. the 6.2x I've installed seems to work .. Sorry for the long response time. This most certainly is a trainer issue..
  7. Are the Vertical Reality Simulations update servers working for anyone else? Thanks in advance.
  8. I've read through this entire thread. This same issue is happening to me with windows 7. Not entirely sure it is specific to windows 10.
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