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  1. If you wish to add AI traffic there are several options. Check out World Traffic or Traffic Global. These are payware products on https://store.x-plane.org/ There are some methods of downloading AI aircraft from x-plane.org as well.
  2. My limited test in XP12 seemed to be successful for this Gulfstream.
  3. Try opening the Aircraft.cfg file for this aircraft in a text editor. Do a find to search for any settings for GPWS Ground proximity warning system If you see any values below this try changing those values to 0 or even negative values [GPWS] max_warning_height= sink_rate_fpm = I think you can either attempt to remove this or set equals to a gigantic negative number that you would never achieve.
  4. I do remember a flight school in Farmington, New Mexico a lot of years ago with A36 Bonanzas. They started all students in Bonanzas then went up to Barons. However, I thought that was sort of an exception starting in retractable gear and a lot of horsepower.
  5. It's good to know the Hawker 850XP is in development.
  6. Oh Yeah!!! I wanted to fly the F-111 when I was a young kid.
  7. I certainly appreciate the feedback from Kalnon and hope other space fans take on this program too!
  8. I have this sim and only wished i could spend more time learning to operate the systems.
  9. Thank you for this link. I will check out the mod!
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