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  1. I'm glad this model is freeware. Engine spool-up was exceptionally slow in real-life. After your overhead break and getting slow enough to lower gear and flaps you had to stay ahead of your airspeed bleed-off and bring your power back in to keep from getting too slow before perch and turning base to final. Sound in this model is far from convincing and does not do justice for how loud and uncomfortable it was flying the Tweet. Especially when one of your yellow foam ear plugs falls out inside your helmet mid flight and you don't want to tell the Instructor Pilot.
  2. KPHX is one of my favorite airports by design and it's hard to pass up any quality rendering.
  3. It's still such a spooky looking aircraft! I'll never forget seeing one up close at an airshow.
  4. Putting my brain on ice until the release is available!
  5. Very Nice! The first shot brings back many years of memories.
  6. Noel, 1. If you have the F-16 for P3D or MSFS you can find liveries in the AVSIM library. You might isolate your search by searching on the name of the base(s) you are interested in and you might find versions of liveries compatible with the flight sim version you are using. 2. Falcon 4.0 is a stand alone combat simulation focused on flying the F-16C. It is not a mod or addon for P3D or MSFS. Version 4 was the last major release by the company Micro Prose. Falcon 4.0 was originally compatible with Windows 95, but newer products based on the original were later produced. I still have the original product with 3-ring binder manual and CD. I would search the Internet for background information and online outlets where you can purchase it. You can YouTube search videos with demonstrations, replay of player missions and comparison to other F-16 simulation products. Be sure to look for Benchmark Sims (BMS) Falcon which is based on the original Falcon 4.0, but there are community mods allowing you to fly other aircraft in the program. I hope this is enough info to help you get started.
  7. I thought this was an April Fool's posting - No cockpit of any sort?
  8. This will probably be my next aircraft purchase. I think the only think not modeled were the circuit breakers. The configuration tool is pretty incredible in my first view of the introduction and tutorial videos. One of my favorite features is the seating and cargo configuration. And of course beta is modeled.
  9. Hello, I would recommend you checking out a few Youtube videos of real world F-16 pilots who demo and assess the DCS F-16. C.W. Lemoine "Mover" comes to mind. He flew F-16s and F/A-18s for both Navy and Air Force and has a few good videos and even dogfights another fighter pilot.
  10. Excellent, maybe it will be worth getting the Hard Deck carrier addon to use the C variant.
  11. That's unfortunate to hear about Eaglesoft. I noticed their website had several jets as work in progress that were advertised as P3Dv4 and v5 compatible. The Beechjet 400 remains in my top favorite aircraft. The Milviz Learjet 60 mentioned in this topic seems to have moved to the Commercial tab on the Milviz website. And they also show a USAF T-1A Jayhawk in the works on their commercial pages. If the T-1A ever becomes available for MSFS or even P3D I would jump on purchasing it in a flash.
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