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  1. I previously had FSX installed on an external hd, I just must have moved the folders over to P3Dv4. As I mentioned it does not render at all.
  2. I agree, I just tried to use my PIC 737 the other day and it does not render at all. It still sounded good though.
  3. This is a nice surprise to see that the 737 classics are on the way. I'm almost tempted to jump on the early release, but would rather wait for the 400 and 500.
  4. I even tried the "make your own option", but didn't get very far into it.
  5. I would do anything to get an updated Beechjet 400!
  6. The PSA, USAir, and Continental shots bring back lots of memories!
  7. Why apologize? You are in the right forum. I should have looked before recommending something that won't work. Also try Retro AI Traffic Group https://retroai.proboards.com/?fbclid=IwAR1-H756zvcjZJYwdl1zXnYi0Nkz_-1ZSt7WbPXnVlpysEUdo1HR_oBVloY and perhaps link up with JS41 users - https://www.facebook.com/groups/RetroAI/
  8. If you cannot find a suitable fix or replacement for the DJC model you might also try looking at the FTX AI for Australia and New Zealand package here for a J41 https://orbxdirect.com/freeware
  9. I agree and have often said their is a level of complexity/simplicity for everyone. I'm not sure why there is a rush to indictment - The company has not mislead the original post or anyone else. Since the original post was a reflection of one individual's experience I think a lot of readers would be willing to assist if the post stated "I cannot start C&D..." and not rush to declare that everyone who bought the product Cannot start C&D... And the notion that it was rushed. I'm glad I don't have to manage the schedule of every flight sim product developer.
  10. My favorite setup for simulated flight is a balance between digital and analog - TBM 700 or Beechjet 400 B737-300, B757. I have mostly flown older trainers and a Cessna 172 with G1000 and TCAS. I could adapt to everything all in one or two screens, but it's not my greatest interest at the moment.
  11. I can relate to the original post. I buy everything I've ever waited for and never fly anything. I typically have spent more time tweaking and fixing things than flying. Now I just sit on the ground and listen to engine sounds of my favorite aircraft. throttle up/throttle down, inside view outside view. Then look at my FPS and say, I guess I'm not going anywhere today.
  12. My max sit time is 2 hours for short flights and simulated military training sorties. I truly enjoy having the payware heavies, but it has never been a practice of mine to time-compress or slew towards the long-distance destination. However, back when I had FS4 and FS5 I once flew out of San Francisco and put autopilot on a course nearly due-east of KSFO and left the house to buy groceries. Back then there were only but a couple of airports/cities with any amount of scenery. About an hour after returning home from the store my plane was still flying and out of nowhere this small range of 2D mountains appeared with a few vectors representing what might have been a planned airport.
  13. I definitely miss the Beechjet 400. I guess I can always re-install FS9 and FSX to fly it. I tried building one as a T-1A Jayhawk once and completely flunked out of Gmax 101.
  14. I'm getting close to fulfilling my wish list of aircraft in P3D and my wish list for scenery is not that far behind. My XP folders are growing and that rate of expansion won't be deterred by MSFS. They will probably sit side by side on my hard drives.
  15. Jon, I'm glad to know you are having success with the sim. And excited to hear how well VR works for you. I can honestly say scanning the instrument panel on a single monitor does not do justice for what it was like flying these jets in real life unless you want to simulate flying under the hood as we did for instrument approaches and point-to-point navigation.
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