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  1. flyerkg

    Anybody still playing Aerofly FS 2?

    So far all screen shots I have seen for AeroflyFS2 look pretty, but even poor graphics and some ATC would serve well for certain interests while attractive scenery will serve well for others. I have no complaints I just have little interest in this sim in its current state of development. That is not to say it is not a perfect sim for someone else.
  2. Several things come to mind - A pilot in a small aircraft in ground effect and gradual dip in the runway might have you prematurely lift off the runway. Landings might visually trick you on flare when the threshold of the runway is curved downward. Tulsa - KTUL RWY 18R sticks in my head for some reason. One night when I was training in T-37s my IP had me do about 6 back to back ILS approaches to Rwy 18R at KTUL. Every time he yanked off my hood my first view of the runway clearly let me know the threshold was lower than the touchdown zone of the runway. I'd say don't just slope the runways as an improvement, but give all natural terrain modeling to the entire airport, taxiways too.
  3. I buy all the heavies after months of waiting for them to be released and it gets the anxiety out of my system once I have them, but in most cases I never do a full flight with any of them.
  4. Excellent news! I'm taking a look now!
  5. flyerkg

    FAIB 767 released!

    This is definitely a great day!
  6. flyerkg

    Xplane11 over the Grand Canyon

    Very nice. I've been there several times. It takes your breath away. All I can say is I need to start using orthos.
  7. flyerkg

    XP11 A time bomb...

    Okay, explosion in a good way. Are you showing the default weather textures? Very nice! I am very pleased with XP11. I just bought World Traffic 3. The military AI functionality is finally going to do things that I never could get with FSX.
  8. flyerkg

    XP11 A time bomb...

    Please help. Why time bomb?
  9. flyerkg

    X-Plane 11 Pan Rate

    I'm glad this question was asked. I have 2 hat switches on my Saitek joystick. I assigned one for quick glances and the other for slower controlled movements around the instrument panel. And have tried to make the best of these setting thus far.
  10. I am pretty sure that the A330 by RWDesign and JarDesign are only for X-Plane. But you can never really have too many flight simulators unless you are working with a limited amount of storage.
  11. It seems as if I missed an earlier post describing the topic. How is Excel getting this data related to number of files and load times?
  12. Here's just a brief heads-up for those who have been watching for this -
  13. flyerkg

    P3Dv4...Why You May Want to Wait

    P3Dv4 looks great performance-wise in a comparison video I just watched. I'm not close to buying this one yet since I just bought v3 a few weeks ago and XP11 just a few weeks prior to that.
  14. flyerkg

    It's Lonely at FL850

    I once had an instructor who told the class he heard a similar call requesting FL600 and ATC laughed and replied You're cleared if you can get that high. Then the pilot responded with leaving FL800 for FL600.