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  1. Can an admin or mod maybe explain why the post I started in Hangar Chat 09/19/2015 has not been listed? Just wonder if I broke a specific rule on hear,tho I am at a loss as to which one. Speculative maybe but would be nice to have a discussion about it. Many thanks. Gary
  2. http://nexgenflightsim.com/wordpress/ I know,maybe the mods won't like me posting a link,however I presume most of you on here have seen this. Q1 Any thoughts? Q2: Is it for real? Q3:Should we at least be cautiously optimistic? Please don't shoot me if you have seen this,I am after all, only the messenger...lol All the best. Gary
  3. In reality they are both the same device,software,game call it what you will.However some are of the illusion that P3D and it's non entertainment licence gives it more kudos and are, well, living in fantasy land.I have seen one reply recently telling a poster to go "play" with his FSX and leave the serious stuff like P3D to the pros' codswallop.They are the same thing and outwith the obvious improvements in graphics etc then there is really no big difference.Those who think like this are really suffering from "emperors new clothes" syndrome.I feel the licensing issue was purely what was on offer to Lockheed at the time,I mean were Microsoft ever going to allow another company to piggyback their product at the time when FSX was still being developed? So train all you like in P3D,FSX,or FSX steam it's all the same.Also play all you like in any of the aforementioned, it is ALL the same.One caveat if you use P3D don't own up to enjoying/Playing it or you might lose some credibility.
  4. Thanks for the help fellas sorry but I've been away lately not had time to say cheers for the help. Gary
  5. Hi guys,many many thanks for your replies and ideas,however I deleted all my FSX folders about a month ago and cleaned out the reg and any old files relating to it. When I try to install,the installer insists on an FSX folder.If I choose the browse option and change to C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v2.4 it starts to do it's thing then stops abruptly and says "cannot locate an instance of FSX" then simply ends. Now I usually have no probs installing older stuff into ver.2.4 but this one has me stumped. Thanks again for the Ideas though. Gary
  6. Hi Guys/Girls, Not feeling lazy and believe me I have tried other sites including Aerosoft,but without search function working in here.Has anyone managed to instal Aerosoft Gibraltar into P3D ver 2.4?. I have their Madeira airport .that now has a p3d installer but Gib doesn't. I currently only have P3D installed on my PC but have seen screenies of Gib running in the Sim but I can't figure how it is done. It would be great if anyone has a solution. Cheers. Gary
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