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  1. MajorFibbs

    C172 Panel – full size panel

    Hello Thank you for that idea, I can roughly imagine what you did. This is a temporary workaround but unfortunately not practical. For the heading bug / gyro compass, another workaround is to write a plugin. That's what another user did. Not me, since this is also too complex. Let's see what Laminar Research will do. At least they claimed that the future will be generic instruments. Have a nice day - Valentin
  2. MajorFibbs

    C172 Panel – full size panel

    Hello I wanted to create also a 2D panel in high-resolution for my Piper-Cockpit. But after a lot of hours working with generic instruments I found a major limitation. I do not know the current status of X-Plane 10 Planemaker. But in Planemaker 9 you can not create generic instruments which require two independant inputs on the same needle or indicator. This limitation affects the artificial horizon (the horizont plate needs pitch and roll) and the heading-bug on a gyro-compass (combination of heading bug (HDG) and actual course). Any other instrument can be done to my knowledge. So let us know if you were able to create an aritficial horizon with generic instruments. There is a rumor that this missing functionality will be implemented in one of the later X-Plane 10 versions. Maybe 10.4. Currently we are at 10.04.