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  1. Yeah...It was working fine, not sure what happen, but the 787-8 works fine. I tried to changing panels and it still does the samething. No matter where I place the mouse, its saids Captain seat forward-left-back-right.
  2. I have my panel in cold and dark and my 787-9 panel will not work. The mouse is stuck in hand mode and I am unable to make any selections no matter where I place the mouse. The 787-8 panel works fine as it should. When I set the panel back to normal with power, the mouse hand is still stuck in the hand mode and it will only let me move the captain stair back and forth with left and right mouse click. I deleted the camera cfg and I installed and uninstalled QW787 with the same issue. I loaded Prepar3d without chaseplane and the mouse pointer was back to normal.
  3. Hey, so I'm using PMDG FSX-SE and if I want to changed to Prepar3D V4, do I need to repurchase my PMDG aircraft or is it an update for FSX-SE
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