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  1. Yeah...It was working fine, not sure what happen, but the 787-8 works fine. I tried to changing panels and it still does the samething. No matter where I place the mouse, its saids Captain seat forward-left-back-right.
  2. I have my panel in cold and dark and my 787-9 panel will not work. The mouse is stuck in hand mode and I am unable to make any selections no matter where I place the mouse. The 787-8 panel works fine as it should. When I set the panel back to normal with power, the mouse hand is still stuck in the hand mode and it will only let me move the captain stair back and forth with left and right mouse click. I deleted the camera cfg and I installed and uninstalled QW787 with the same issue. I loaded Prepar3d without chaseplane and the mouse pointer was back to normal.
  3. Hey, so I'm using PMDG FSX-SE and if I want to changed to Prepar3D V4, do I need to repurchase my PMDG aircraft or is it an update for FSX-SE
  4. Hey, I manually remove all parts of it, and did a clean reinstall. I still get the black screen 6 hours into the flight. I tried hitting shift+enter several times and the screen came back. The flight was on pause, I unpaused it and continue the remaining 3 hours of the flight without a problem. There were no errors messages on the screen and there was no oom pining in the back ground.
  5. Yes, I went back a few, may need to go back further.
  6. Not sure which drivers caused it, I have the latest drivers and several before this one. Nvidia said it was the card and they replaced it, but the same issue with PMDG 777. It hasnt happened with the PMDG 737NGX and I have flown some 6.5 hour flights.
  7. It happens while cruising, about 5-6 hours into the flight. I tried KIAH-PHNL and at about 6 hours into the flight, the screen went black. Also KIAH-PANC and at about 5.5 hours into the flight the same thing. I have Rex 4 and Soft Clouds, Active Skynext, several ORBX FTX Global Airports, FTX Global Vector, all of FSDREAM TEAM Sceneries, several Latin VFR Airports, Aerosoft Anchorage X and EZDOK.
  8. Im using FSX-SE and there is no message, just a black screen and the cursor.
  9. Hey when I fly the 737ngx for an 6 plus hour flight, I have no issues. When I try to fly the 777 around 5.5 or 6 hours, my screen goes black. Im using Windows 10, Nvidia 970 card, Intel i7 3.4 and 32 gigs of ram.
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