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  1. It is a long flight but they did that intentionally because people were asking for longer flights. Now there is one! You can always just use the map and place your aircraft near Anchorage if you don`t have time for or don`t fancy the idea of such a long flight. Defeats the object though really. You get to see such superb scenery on the way and can make some stop offs for fuel .
  2. I just did a Clandestine job over the mountains at the dead of night, in the game as well as in real life. It really shows how tiredness can affect your judgement and why there are strict guidelines for airline pilots (any pilots!). Several times I had to shake my head to stay awake , my eyes sore from the struggle. It would be dangerous for anyone to fly if they were as tired as me that`s for sure! I only just made it over a couple of the mountains, even touching down the wheels as I went over the top! I also found it very difficult to judge how high I was off the ground over the glaciers as there was no visual indications like trees to help out. And as I was flying over mountains I could not go by the altimeter . If I was at sea level I could of used it reliably but where I was needed constant attention to make sure I didn`t just fly straight into one of the hilly sections. I saw one cop airplane but a quick 90 degree turn behind some hills sorted that out. I really enjoyed this one. It was a real challenge doing it in the winter at night. Very satifying flight.
  3. Well that ain`t no Liberator that`s for sure! The Liberator was a high winged , four engined aircraft as I`m sure we all know. This is a low winged , twin engine job. I wish when they say it`s a Liberator cache that they would use a Liberator.
  4. It appeared as soon as I loaded up the cache while I was still at the end of the runway! Nice one to get though.
  5. Well if he stopped he would sink! And that would just be a crash. I have skimmed the surface like this as well but I never realised it was registered as a landing at seaplane bases. I`ll have to give this a go. Of course to be absolutely certain of getting the landing count up you could just use the Icon.
  6. I`m not on Facebook. They should make it possible to vote on the forum.
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how so much good work was just wasted.
  8. Bought soon after it first came out but have never really taken to it. Too cumbersome for me and no VC so it just sits there in the hanger doing nothing. If I could sell it on for profit I would! lol
  9. Firefox. Changed over years ago and it`s the best. Tried Chrome and Opera as well but it`s FF for me.
  10. I have noticed this as well . Now Loki has gone it`s back to the bad old days where you could not get a peep out of `em. :mellow:
  11. Just been on the Steam forum - Loki has left the team. It`s just Sol and Barbarossa now.
  12. He is no longer listed as a mod there. Doesn`t look good. (or , looking on the bright side, they have started up development again so it`s back to the old say nothing system - but I very much doubt it)
  13. Just got it. A very enjoyable one to get as well. Nice scenery and I thought the satellite dishes looked great.
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