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  1. Precisely what I want Aleksi... Just for the NGX specifically though. I'm not really interested in one that calculates performance for 737-XXX generically. Sorry Etienne i'm glad you found it in the end. Peter - I don't know how PMDG derived their aircraft performance data for the NGX, specifically the 800 - but whatever they used, I would like/enjoy (but don't need) a perf tool based solely on that data. I agree with you - no data skewing! - maybe a web based platform would work for you and many others. I'd prefer an app that's not reliant on internet connx - one that functions like the OPT - Like Aleksi's work. Though I'd prefer a PMDG developed app (no offense intended Aleksi, such is the PMDG benchmark). - I'm relatively conversant with airline ops, given its my paid job to be so. Yes, every aircraft is different - the effectivity of relevant info should always observed. (Which is why I ask for an OPT written specifically for the NGX 800, not generically for all 737's). Yes, weights may vary. There are many control measures in place to manage and monitor the weight of an aircraft (too many to list). I'm sure you can list one or two. Yes, the weather varies, almost predictably - almost. Despite all this, a very high degree of accuracy between calculated performance and actual performance can be achieved at the planning phase - this accuracy is then furthered at the dispatch phase - finally, whilst in the flight deck, last minute changes/info/updates will come through eventually resulting in correlation between calculated, and actual figures. Cheers, Mike McKenna.
  2. I'd be happy with a PMDG app that just does performance calculations and functions like the Boeing OPT. The TOPCAT one is good but it isn't written specifically for the NGX, and its PC based. If there's something I hate, it is the miscorrelation of performance figures. Mike.
  3. If you've ever wondered what pilots use for flight performance calculations and you own an iPad, go to the App Store and search for Boeing or Boeing OPT. The app is for demonstration purposes, so the database is limited - I think the OPT app is for the 777-300ER, so, for the Takeoff Weight field, you'll need to enter a 773ER TOW. I would recommend 300000 (kg). Is there a market for a PMDG developed iPad based performance tool? Would PMDG even be willing to develop a similar app for its fleet of Boeing simulations? Mike McKenna.
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