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  1. Found and corrected the issue!
  2. Yes, still flying FS9. Can't install MD-11, says invalid license. Used Order code but still no luck. How should I proceed? Thanks
  3. Thanks gents, very much appreciated! "Cats"
  4. Fellow Simmers, An old grumpy archaic man is searching for airfields for FS9 that were/are located in the Pacific theater of WW2. I have what I need on the European front but am struggling with the Pacific. Any help would be appreciated! And yes I am still using FS9 due to the fact that my wife said she would be in court for a homicide charge if I changed!!!! My best, "Cats"
  5. Thank you for the update! Scott Clawson Indianapolis, Indiana
  6. All, I am flying FS9 and trying to locate and purchase the FS9 freighter version for the Queen of the Skies. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you, Scott Clawson Indianapolis, Indiana
  7. Gentlemen, Is the PMDG 747-400 for FS9 in both pax and freight still available to purchase from anyone using a download program and not the CD? Thank you! Scott Clawson Indianapolis, Indiana
  8. Fellow flight enthusiasts, If you have a moment, please take a look at www.flyvtwa.com We are a new VA and would welcome anyone serious about flying TWA. We don't offer any new skins or planes. What we do offer is the chance to fly actual TWA flights from their timetables, using the proper aircraft from each. We also offer a nice history base of TWA. Our VP/COO was a Maintenance Manager for TWA so we have a great knowledge of what was truly used and how they should be flown. We also have a custom made KaCars available to our members. FS_Products did a wonderful job on this for us. If you have an interest, please read our info so there will be no surprises if you decide to join. Our goal is not to have hundreds of pilots, just those who are interested and dedicated to doing what TWA actually did. We have TWA jet, TWA cargo and TWA piston engine flights available. You must fly 8 training flights out of KMCI before receiving "Captain" status, but then you may fly any flight we offer. We look forward to meeting you! Our best, Scott Clawson
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