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  1. I followed your instructions, I have big GN530 frame, and little gns430 inside with GPS500 frame. Screen say press enter, but nothing works.
  2. Ok, I will try your solution! Thank you so much Bert, you're a panel master!!!!
  3. Thank you so much Bert, but what's th difference when it's GPS500 mode? all rxp 530 functionality works correctly?
  4. Hello I just bought RXP GNS530 about to install it on Realair duke piston for P3DV4. Turbine Duke works but not piston, panel config didn't show possibility to install RXP530, only bad defaut GPS500. I'm sad because I spent money for this RXP530 and no possibility to work with Duke piston.
  5. Finally It's for Turbine Duke; no problem with Turbine Duke and GTN750, but I'm searching for Duke piston, because I don't want defaut GPS500.
  6. Hello, do you know if RXP GNS for PD3V4 are working with Realair Duke piston? Thank you!
  7. You're right Flyfox! I try another time, same problem; when I use trainer, no problem, message "NO GPS POSITION" disappear when GTN750 check is ok, but no when i'm on Chieftain cockpit.
  8. After many times to solve the problem, I say goodbye to the Chieftain..... I'm in love with PC12 (with GTN750) since many month, and I will install Titan. Thank you for your help!
  9. I tried many times but no change, I will try again. Thank you!
  10. I tried many core cpu change: ALL, 0, 7.....; no change, same problem.....
  11. Thank you Bert, I posted question in Flight1 GTN support forum (Simforums) but no new answer since question. I will try your advice.
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