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  1. manico52


    Hello, I see TSS sounds for Citation, 2008 version for FS9, it's the only one? When I hear sounds from TSS vidéo and from real citation 550, I think it's better than Carenado version, but it's for FS9.
  2. manico52

    About IAS

    Thank you for your answer Don! I 'm going to try your version because I selected speed (with small rotary knob on the corner of analogic airspeed indicator) and after that I turn on IAS mode. Thumbwheel to adjust speed is the same i use? (Citation is the last version from Carenado, I use it with GTN 750).
  3. manico52

    About IAS

    Hello, I would like to use IAS button about to climb or descent at stable speed, but when I engage it, vertical speed increase quickly (more than 4000 ft/min). Do you have any idea about this problem? Thank you!