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  1. Thanks very much. it was indeed my AV and Window Defender.
  2. Hi Someone can help me to resolve this issue during installation proceed : could not open the uninstall executable for writing : Access to C:\WINDOWS\Porto LPPR P3dv5\lppr22p3dv5uninstall.exe was denied. C:\WINDOWS\Porto LPPR p3dV5\P3dv5\lppr22p3dv5uninstall.exe Thanks for help.
  3. Hi All when i set (after engines starting and running) my selector setting on ign/start when i set on normal mode my flaps deployes automatically. How set this in the config menu pls ? Thanks
  4. Hello problem resolved thanks. Another thing: if I can see the planes landing, they hardly disappear. Is it normal not to see them roll to the car park or, conversely, leave their booth to the track and see them take off? thanks very much.
  5. Hello i am a new user of this addon and i need help: when psx is running i obtain after few minutes this message in red : 81 : they are too many livreries that could not be created. See log text. How resolve this ? Thanks by advance.
  6. My scenery is prealsoft Casablanca complete. https://secure.simmarket.com/prealsoft-casablanca-complete-p3d4-(fr_12643).phtml
  7. Hello All I installed the GMMN stage from prealsoft and I crash on landing for no reason. Having ORBX how do we exclude the file that creates this crash? Thanks all.
  8. Sorry and i have updated my profil.
  9. Hi all what do you use as fsuipc version for p3dv4.2 and 777 pmdg ? i'm working with the new 5.123e and when i load 777 this one run with (normally) engines on but when i load the dark and cold state (short or long state) my 777 begins to jump on the ground or my gear is under the ground and, finally, p3d crashes... have you ever encountered this problem and especially how did you solve it? Thanks by advance.
  10. Hi all can u help me ? I have installed AS6.5 wich running without any problem last weeks but since two Days no online metar AS giving me all Time a closest metar. I have tried all but no result... Sorry for my poor english (i'am french) and thanks for your help because i don't understand where is the soluce... Thanks by advance. fsuipc installed (4.x) and FSX if you pm me in french my adress : Rencath at aol dot com
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