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  1. These function can be change at the FMC, at Aircraft function > equipment
  2. For N714SA, N714SA, N77SA and N774SA use Lb N778LA use Kg If you want the specific picture of the cockpit, please let me know and I can take it for you
  3. Dear All, The problem was solved, I copied the Nav data file from FSX and put it on my P3D, it come to works now Thanks for all your help Anthony
  4. What do you want to know? May be I can answer you
  5. I have re-installed the PMDG 777, the location of all related file should be correct, but it still cannot load any airport, eventhough I tried to input at original and destination, it cannot identify the airport code. Could anyone help? Anthony
  6. They should be at the correct location since I tried to uninstall and install again But the result still negative Anthony Yuen
  7. Hi all, I don't know what is the problem, I cannot load the data from my FMC, when I input the departure airport like VHHH, it said there is not in data base I have the updated AIRAC1701, and I can't even load all my saved flight as well Can somebody help me solve this problem? Thanks Anthony Yuen
  8. Thanks, my 777 and 737 all return normal after roll back to 1601 and delete the ARPT_RWY Thanks for all yours suggestion Anthony
  9. When you roll back to 1601, have you delete the APRT_RWY.dat and let it create a ew one? Thanks Anthony For 737, an example, for rwy 07L at VHHH, the correct freq is 111.10 CRS 073 But at REF page, it is showing 110.90 CRS253 which is the opposite freq for rwy 25R indeed I have tried another rwy 07R, the same case happen This problem never happen before For 777, no matter I try VHHH or other airport else where, PARK all the time in NAV page \
  10. For 737, at the INIT REF page, the ILS given from it was not match the current freq For 777, I just tried on other airport, still showing PARK in NAVRAD page for ILS Thanks Anthony
  11. Copy, I will try at other airport Because I try it on 737 and 777 The 737 giving me the wrong freq on that ILS So I expect there are some fault on 1602 Thanks Anthony
  12. I have tried in VHHH mostly, but also try ROAH From your suggestion, base on 1601 or 1602? Thanks Anthony Yuen
  13. I have tried this method as well Same problem, showing PARK at NAVRAD page But I will try again, hopefully return normal Or I should wait 1603? Anthony Yuen
  14. The problem is when I install AIRAC1601 back The problem still exists If it is because 1602, then it should be normal when I return to 1601, but the answer is not
  15. Thanks and will use that post for further
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