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  1. Chuck Prowse

    tutorial not right

    In setting up the FMC there are some issues. First, it says to select COORZ3 SID but this is not listed, instead there is a COORZ2. Second, in arrivals it lists to chose DYAMD3 STAR which is not even listed. This makes it rather difficult to follow along and learn this aircraft. I have found minor things like this in the 737 and 777 tutorials but it is usually a typo or one digit is wrong. This is missing completely. Is there an update or something? Thanks in advance. I am still trying to make the transition to tubes and navigation and setting up arrivals and programming autolands is very challenging and why I am practicing tutorial flights. I have not found flight plans I can just plug and play yet. thanks.
  2. Chuck Prowse

    DC-6 Manuals and Docs

    X-plane it says in the title...Is the manual the same for V4? And what is all the buzz on the forums about the tutorial not being right? Thanks. I just got it and need to read up on it before I strap into it and give it a go.
  3. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 Beta 3.14 not working in V4

    paratroopers issue on V4. they jump but as soon as the chutes open the textures spread out to be horizontal brown lines across the sky. ooops! something is a miss.
  4. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 Beta 3.14 not working in V4

    I can't copy the text into a folder in my top folder for this XML thing. I am a little confused having 3 main folders, the whole sim objects tree. Usually my add ons at my level are the aircraft name, effects, textures, cfg ect. I will try this but I can't do the xml add on thing. I did everything else. I got it throwing it into my simobjects folder the old way. Had to add v.1 to the buffalo cfg model name but all looks good so far. thanks. The DLL 64bit fix was probably all I needed.
  5. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 Beta 3.14 not working in V4

    I have Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.14 Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.14 Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.14 effects readme I have the first file then the second which has a third plus effects and readme. I am not sure I follow. The textures file is in the effects file. I am not new to installing aircraft but I'm a little confused here.
  6. I've seen screenshots of it in use in V4 but it is not working for me. I installed, See both versions plus the Buffalo one I added in my library but no preview. I select it and get an error. Anyone know if there is a fix I am missing or something? My search did not get me anywhere. Thanks.
  7. Chuck Prowse

    Dutch Harbor X for P3D V4???

    Ya, I have found a wait for many of my favorites which I expected. I was pleasantly surprised my Flight Replicas cubs went right over but then others do not. Carenado has been quickly updating their fleet, A2A has been kinda slow, still waiting for their excellent warbirds. Just been going with the Milviz Beaver and now Otter and the PMDG tubes for now. Anchorage is a big hole in my ORBX RTMM TFX wonderland. Be nice to get that.
  8. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 in P3d V4 with PTA

    how did you get beta V3.14 to work in V4? I installed and the two liveries and the buffalo one show up in my library but no preview and will not load. I'd really like to try this. thanks.
  9. Chuck Prowse

    Dutch Harbor X for P3D V4???

    One of my favorite airports and it still is not ready for P3D. Anyone have any news on this or maybe a list of what Aerosoft will or will not convert?
  10. I had VS 2010 64 or 86 I can't remember which one now and 2013 64,86 and 2015 64,86. I added 2010 64 or 86 and the problem seems fixed on both the beaver and otter. I was under the understanding that I only needed the latest VS and was confused on 64 or 86. I do not know if I need all 6 VS files but it is working finally. If this is the issue maybe it can be noted that one may need all updates to VS. I found a lot of posts on various forums about the issue but no clear explaination on how VS works or if you can run all of them.
  11. Chuck Prowse

    kenmore air?

    Kenmore Air for the Milviz Beaver and Carenado 208EX would be great. Many of these liveries for the Aerosoft beaver. ERA for the 208 also would be great just like the old HD. Thanks in advance:)
  12. I have had a post for over a week about my guage lights on my Beaver. I also have done everything by the book. I am stumped. I installed the new Otter today and same thing. Both have Milviz lighting service and both give me an eror when I try to open the folder. Code execution can not proceed MSVCP100.dll not found? On the Beaver no guage lights, no map light, when cabin light is on my nav radio textures go bright, not lit up. Otter seems to be just missing guagelights and cockpit lighting, nothing changes with the nav radios on this one.
  13. I tried the ERA and Kenmore repaints for the B on the EX and the thumbnails will not display in the sim and when selected I get an error. P3D V4 Sucks because 2 years after release and there still are no repaints for the EX. Anyone? Great aircraft needs some artistic love.
  14. I've tried a few and they do not port over. I've grabbed a few for my A2A 172, 182 and a few for my other Carenado fleet without issue but there seems to be a hole for the 208B Ex. I'm looking for a Kenmore 208 and Milviz Beaver and ERA 208 and maybe some Alaska repaints for the Milviz Beaver. Short of Alaska Adventures Virtual I'm at a loss. Anyone?
  15. Chuck Prowse

    liveries added but not showing in p3dV4

    That is exactly what it did. I wonder why it did this only on the 737? I changed the order by publisher and corrected thank you. Also, I can report that the Windows 10 update yesterday did not seem to upset V4 as it did V3. Thank you.