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  1. Chuck Prowse

    Inconnu Lodge, Yukon Scenery

    Link does not work, it just hangs and never loads. Is there a good link somewhere? Also, is this compatible with P3D V4? I managed to get RTMM and Tongass Fjords installed in V4. Thanks
  2. I apologize if this has been covered but I am not finding it. I initially set up and it was ok but now I get all sounds through my speakers. Headset I only get cockpit noise, no run up it seems and no voices. Windows 10. I also have Vpilot for vatsim installed but it worked prior with it. Windows tab for sound is checked for headset as is the FS2CREW menu config audio.
  3. lol Classic example... CS 737 has a ton of eye candy but the Milviz 737 is my favorite because if flies right and the systems are modelled better. I can literally jump out of the NGX and into the 200 and feel right at home but with an analog flair. real lights and truglass just makes it even better. if there is any complaint it is that the liveries are limited. Ya, it's cool to see the cabin and operate all the doors, load cargo and ground services but I do more flying than watching the lavs get pumped or fuel being delivered. The Beaver does have night lighting. The gauges are dimable, you have a cabin light, I'd love to see LED wig wag landing lights but all is there as it should be.
  4. Chuck Prowse

    tutorial not right

    data manager and navigraph fixed most of my issues. Just updated to 1808 in fact. Very easy to update everything with one click as you said.
  5. Chuck Prowse

    tutorial not right

    Thanks, I downloaded their manager and subscribed and got ARAC 1807 now all is good. You are absolutely correct, the 747 put me at something like ARAC 13 something! AS4 had 16 something. So now my navdata is updated and correct. I was able to program the 747 for a flawless flight to KSFO and can start playing with the FMC and autopilot now. Any suggestions for a good start ina virtual airline and vatsim? Seems a bit complicated to set up and get going but I think having good atc will make a big difference in my learning curve.
  6. Chuck Prowse

    tutorial not right

    the only navigraph folder I have is in my program files x86/HiFi/AS_P3Dv4/NavigraphData/AS16 is this correct? inside the FMC_Ident.txt folder is says [Ident] NavData=AIRAC-1601 OpProgram=JAN07FEB03/16 CoData=JEP-1601 How do I go about getting a newer version and do I install it here? Not everyone runs AS4 but my navdata is here it looks like. Thanks
  7. Chuck Prowse

    tutorial not right

    I installed the 737 first last August, 777 around September and 747 shortly after. I am not sure where the NAVDATA is placed but will look for it. If each uses a different version the tutorials of all three will never be right. I may just bite the bullet and subscribe to get the latest navdata and just run everything on the latest data. In setting up the 747 from KDEN to KSFO the missing DYAMD3 STAR does not have anything close to it to choose from. I fly mostly slow and low in Alaska but am challenged by the tubes and want to learn. I am also wanting to explore Vatsim and the next level of ATC interaction but I want to get the basics of navigating these big birds down first. I'm pretty comfortable adjusting the autopilot to other headings, altitudes and speeds and am pretty comfortable using vorloc and GS APP but the 747 is the most challenging. Doesn't help when I get to KSFO and ATC has me fly out 40 miles then changes my altitude up and down flying past again the other direction and then the other direction before I may get a clearance to actually land. Sitting at the runway to take off waiting forever to take off, I think they forget about me. The default ATC is pretty much garbage I think. My name is on my profile image but I added a signature?
  8. Chuck Prowse

    tutorial not right

    In setting up the FMC there are some issues. First, it says to select COORZ3 SID but this is not listed, instead there is a COORZ2. Second, in arrivals it lists to chose DYAMD3 STAR which is not even listed. This makes it rather difficult to follow along and learn this aircraft. I have found minor things like this in the 737 and 777 tutorials but it is usually a typo or one digit is wrong. This is missing completely. Is there an update or something? Thanks in advance. I am still trying to make the transition to tubes and navigation and setting up arrivals and programming autolands is very challenging and why I am practicing tutorial flights. I have not found flight plans I can just plug and play yet. thanks.
  9. Chuck Prowse

    DC-6 Manuals and Docs

    X-plane it says in the title...Is the manual the same for V4? And what is all the buzz on the forums about the tutorial not being right? Thanks. I just got it and need to read up on it before I strap into it and give it a go.
  10. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 Beta 3.14 not working in V4

    paratroopers issue on V4. they jump but as soon as the chutes open the textures spread out to be horizontal brown lines across the sky. ooops! something is a miss.
  11. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 Beta 3.14 not working in V4

    I can't copy the text into a folder in my top folder for this XML thing. I am a little confused having 3 main folders, the whole sim objects tree. Usually my add ons at my level are the aircraft name, effects, textures, cfg ect. I will try this but I can't do the xml add on thing. I did everything else. I got it throwing it into my simobjects folder the old way. Had to add v.1 to the buffalo cfg model name but all looks good so far. thanks. The DLL 64bit fix was probably all I needed.
  12. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 Beta 3.14 not working in V4

    I have Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.14 Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.14 Douglas_C-47_Beta_V3.14 effects readme I have the first file then the second which has a third plus effects and readme. I am not sure I follow. The textures file is in the effects file. I am not new to installing aircraft but I'm a little confused here.
  13. I've seen screenshots of it in use in V4 but it is not working for me. I installed, See both versions plus the Buffalo one I added in my library but no preview. I select it and get an error. Anyone know if there is a fix I am missing or something? My search did not get me anywhere. Thanks.
  14. Chuck Prowse

    Dutch Harbor X for P3D V4???

    Ya, I have found a wait for many of my favorites which I expected. I was pleasantly surprised my Flight Replicas cubs went right over but then others do not. Carenado has been quickly updating their fleet, A2A has been kinda slow, still waiting for their excellent warbirds. Just been going with the Milviz Beaver and now Otter and the PMDG tubes for now. Anchorage is a big hole in my ORBX RTMM TFX wonderland. Be nice to get that.
  15. Chuck Prowse

    C-47 in P3d V4 with PTA

    how did you get beta V3.14 to work in V4? I installed and the two liveries and the buffalo one show up in my library but no preview and will not load. I'd really like to try this. thanks.