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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply. I figured it out. The issue was that I couldn't get it to appear on the last screen you show above. When I hit add area and selected the correct file, nothing would populate. I remembered this being an FSX Windows 10 bug but couldn't remember the fix. I finally found a video for it and all is good.
  2. NVM, found it hiding in plain sight
  3. Been away from FSX for a while and am new to RC4. Is there a user manual available anywhere? I'm old and need to read stuff 🙂
  4. I have had no issues with frame rates, the online reviews i have seen say ORBX gets you better frame rates but i'm sure you could find some that go the other way to. I got down to the choice between ORBX and GE and picked ORBX. Doesn't make it right or wrong, just what I did. I have seen no negative FR issues with ORBX, using global and vector. I do not have the third level (Pacific NW, England, etc etc)
  5. I will throw in my vote for the ORBX stuff. I got the Global Base and Vector and am very happy. You would go one step further and go for the England package, you wont be disappointed.
  6. I have downloaded FSX_GA Traffic in hopes of improving my AI GA traffic world. On the first configuration as it gathers airports it stops on Boonville Inc and gives me the following error. (An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end). I have tried reinstalling and rerunning. Here is my setup. Stock FSX-SE Orbx, Base Pack, Trees, Vector REX Texture Direct with clouds One or two addon airports, this is a new install. User error is a high probability 🙂 Any help or a point towards another good GA package would be appreciated.
  7. I downloaded the Yellowknife scenery and photo real addon by Mark Beale, Shane Strong, Berwyn Goudey and I can't get the main scenery to install correctly. I ran both installers and added the photo scenery to my library with no issue but when I try to add the airport itself FSX-SE doesn't find what it is looking for in the folder. I've been out of FS for a while so this is likely user error but I would appreciate a hand. Thanks
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