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  1. I finally managed to get rid of any stuttering completely - but had to ditch G-SYNC. I run full screen simulator with vsync on in XP12 In NCP i have: 'Max Frame Rate': OFF Monitor Technology: Fixed Refresh Threaded Optimisation: Off Vertical Sync: Adaptive (half refresh) - this locks my in game FPS to 30 but gives me tons of headroom on CPU/GPU usage Probably just goes to show everyone's systems are different and you just need to keep experimenting with what works with your particular setup
  2. I had the same and fixed it by Loading the Navigraph FMS Data Manager - Addon Mappings, Remove XP12, Scan again once it finds XP12, Save it Addon List - Update All fixed now
  3. thanks - checked my plugins and i had 2 running, disabled them both and its a bit better now, still some - but i can live with it
  4. Thanks, i saw that post yesterday and it helped me get gsync working again after the update. Initially it appeared to also fix the stutter but unfortunatley they returned today
  5. Hi, I'm constantly getting stutters when banking the plane, my test is to take take off from EGPH runway 6 and immediately bank hard left, everything i try the game just stutters and this is only using the default Cessna 172. My pc specs are 5800x3d, Nvidia 3080 32GB DDR4 RAM. I run my 4k monitor at 60hz with gsync on (verified the games using vsync by using the nvidia control panel option) although i have tried using fixed refresh rate and it still stutters. It doesn't matter if i have all game setting to the right or left it still stutters when the plane is banking Does anyone have any idea on how to fix it, i play other games (MSFS, DCS, IL2, iracing) and i dont get stutters in any of the others, is it a known problem with XP12? Cheers Mike
  6. all the theory in this thread is great but in practice what settings need set in MSFS & NVCP to properly utilise GSYNC
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